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Meet the Parents 2000

Male nurse Greg Focker meets his girlfriend's parents before proposing, but her suspicious father is every date's worst nightmare...

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a funny film which made laugh till the end. I'm looking forward to watching the other parts
Great movie, every time I watch this it makes me laugh, timeless.
This was on the TV the other night, so thought I would revisit this great flick.

this movie is sooo funny. Im writing a paper about male nurses. And this is a good example of male nurse stereotype.

This movie is pure torcher to watch. I felt so bad for Bens role and kept feeling the pain and horrors this poor guy went through. I swear when I get a boyfriend he is never never going through any of that kinda shit! I love Owen Wilson in this movie he was great as the Xboyfriend. And the nasty nasrty picture of Ben in a speedo will haunt me for alonglong time.
Ben Stiller stars in this amusing tale of a man with the unfortunate moniker of Greg Focker who wishes to propose to his girlfriend but first must meet the girl's parents. While her mother seems to be quite agreeable, the girl's father is a militaristic, uptight ex-spy who watches comfortably as the hapless Focker consistently embarrases himself in his effort to win the parent's approval. The humour in Meet the Parents, while light, is often extraordinarily painful, for we share Greg's embarrassment and earnestly hope that he endears himself to this rather exclusionist family. Stiller now has the market cornered on the decent straight man who is trying his best to be loved but who is consistently made a victim of fate. And the girl's father is played magnificently by Robert De Niro, who projects a man satisfied with his comfortable routines that still can frighten people with his humourlessness. There are plenty of hilarious sequences in the film, notably a water volleyball game that results in a perhaps inevitable injury...inevitable given the taunting that poor Focker receives from De Niro and relatives. And Owen Wilson, as a zealous Christian who is almost criminally sugary, steals almost every scene he is in. Unfortunately, the film drags near the end when it becomes less concerned with comedy and more concerned with the resolution of the romance between Focker and his potential fiancee. If Meet the Parents had avoided the somewhat sappy ending, it might have been a minor comedy classic. As such, it's an entertaining diversion and a great showcase for the talents of Stiller and De Niro.

What a speech! Focused on both foreign policy (which is extremly important) as well as domestic agendas, it worked very well for me. All I have to say is that the Democrats better be prepared for one Hell of a fight. But I'm not worried. I predict a land-slide victory for Bush. But that's just my opinion.

Not a whole lot to update today but here we go ...

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And when you comment, I listen. Someone made a statement about the dis-jointment of my introduction paragraph to my review for Monsters Inc. which appeared on the site yesterday. I agree that it was not well thought out and I rephrased the introduction to better suit what I tried to get across. Thanks once again for all your comments.

... On a more personal note, I had an emotional collapse today and I will be getting therapy next week. I will try to get some stuff off my chest and see why I am doing what I do.
This movie made me laugh my ass off. Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro are really funny together. The writting is unbelieveable they put all the right laughs in all the right places. The idea is what every guy dreads to meet there girlfriends parents and wanting them to like you. It tells it out perfectly and Stiller and DeNiro's characters are well played. Both characters are acted so well that they play each character like it was real life. I recommend this movie to anyone and everyone who wants to have a good laugh!!! 9/10:cool:
I honestly didn't see what the big damn deal was about Meet The Parents when I'd seen it four years ago. Now that Ben Stiller has grown on me and I've watched the film with a different perspective...I still don't see it.

I think that the plot of the movie is kinda stupid. It had some parts that were really funny but over all I thought it was OK.
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