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Meet Joe Black 1998

A media mogul acts as a guide to Death, who takes the form of a young man to learn about life on Earth and in the process, fall in love with his guide's daughter...

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It's gotta be one of the worst movies ever made. Just goes to show,if you look like Brad Pitt you can get away with just about anything Ahhh well I was bored, fell asleep to this one. Woke up and it was still playing. How do you make a movie 3 hours long, when in reality it could have been 20 mins. Maybe even 10
Oh Brad Pitt.... my god, that man is just so sexy he leaves you breathless, haha. The movie was great, good solid acting, touching, and it has a special quality to it... Definitely recommend watching it!

Touching, funny, beautiful !
Brad Pitt and Hopkins are two incredibles actors.
And really great dialogues !
I can't prevent myself from crying when I see it

It runs way, way to long at 3 hours. Pitt was severly miscasted. You never believe that Susan Parrish (Claire Forlani) can fall in love with Joe Black (Brad Pitt). Martin Brest, from what I saw here and what I heard about Gigli, is that he isn't a very good director. He refuses to end scenes when they should have already been over. Even with all of these negatives I still enjoyed it. Hopkins was amazing (like always). Even though ran way to long it still held my interest all of the way through. There just is to much that is good in this movie to call a complete mess. It is a mess, but somehow a good mess. I see why some people call this movie horrible and some people call this movie fantastic.
I just wanted to say, that I - because of my new girlfriend Vicky - changed my working time to fit my working shift to hers. That means I've to get up way earlier, but that's someting I can take, only to see her at work too!And we are only dating for a month up to today...:)

Before you all ask. Yes she has light blonde hair and middle dark blue eyes and her hair is styled to a pony tail (at work)...very sexy I have to say!
She's a biochemical Ph.D and therefor a bigger smartypants that I am!

I'm so happy at the moment right now...I wanted to share that with you!
:up: I love this film! Brad Pitt is gorgeous in this movie and Claire Forlani is beautiful! Anthony Hopkins plays his part well and all the actors seem to have such a great on screen chemistry! Its a general feel good movie! I love this film its possibly one of my favourites! I recommend it to everyone! :up:

Okay, I'm a big fan of Anthony Hopkins as well as Brad Pitt, and to be honest, I love both of them deeply with admiration for the roles they play, and especially Anthony in this one. He is perfect in this role, his voice of death is fantastic, and definately a voice that should be death, and when I am to die, I want his voice echoing throughout a room, nobody elses'. Brad Pitt isn't the best in this role, I don't really like how he plays the "death" character, though his first character was good and I would have liked to see more, or seen this character at the end instead of a mixture of the two, death & coffee shop man.

Anyway, the film is fantastic and very depressing (not in a bad way, in a sense that you want to cry at the end). I hate death, I hate the subject of death, it usually makes me worry about my own mortal coil that I am on. I had to get into a particular mood for a story I am writing at the moment and this did it (I wrote 11 pages, in one day. My hand still hurts from writing).

The film is great, the ending is fantastic, the fireworks exploding the sky in colour, its unimaginable and fantastic to see. Claire Forlani is okay as the leading female, but to be honest, I don't know, she didn't seem to control the screen, there was something about her, she was beautiful, stunning even, I'd run away and marry her anyday, but there was something lacking...

...something which Marcia Gay Harden brought to me. I loved her character more because her character had more of a journey. At the start, she realised her father didn't care, and at the end, she realised he did, even though she loved him so much, he cared. I loved the last scene with Marcia and Anthony, where they both speak their minds, about her childhood and his favorites and how he loves her. It's fantastic, the dialogue throughout is great.

Okay, I must agree, Brad Pitt's Jamacian accent isn't great, but it passes. You know what I mean man? :) Anyway, all in all, I think this film earned its 8 points in a great dialogue kinda way. It's a film I can always watch again and again, and will get me looking forward to death a bit more, which we all are hoping to someday...
Began very well, but slowed down in the middle. It has a number of fine twists but had way too many false endings and was too long (almost 3 hours!). Couldn't really flow with death being so naive.
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