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Material Girls 2006

Two wealthy sisters, both heiresses to their family's cosmetics fortune, are given a wake-up call when a scandal and ensuing investigation strip them of their wealth...

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Solar rating: 7.2


Imdb rating: 3.8



no thrill, no fun, nothing exciting at all, urrrggggghhh
I liked this movie for what it was, a cheesy Duff sisters movie. I didn't go in expecting a award-winner. It was cute and I liked that but it's not for everyone. Oh for those who are actually not the target audience of this one might recognize Lukas Haas in this one (look him up if you don't now), he's gotten to be kinda cute!
Material Girls

Initial Reaction: And they're living in a material world.

Main Characters

Ava and Tanzie Marchetta: Two spokesgirls played by Hilary and Haylie Duff

Plot Summary

This movie starts off with the two main characters going off to a few parties, and a few meetings at the cosmetic company they work at. Some time later, the girls give a speech at a get together to remember their dad.

At that get together, a scandal erupts; the cosmetic company they work for is making products that disfigure and harm the users, leaving ugly scars on their face.

Almost immediately afterwards, the directors and owners of the company toss the girls out of the company, with no money and no job to make money.

It's a good thing they have family to rely on for shelter while they try to get to the bottom of the scandal with the help of a couple of cute guys (what other type of guy would be in this film?)


Main Characters

First impressions are important, and my first impression of these two is really bad. I found it hard to root for a pair of ditzy teens who don't work and get more money in a month then I'll see in my lifetime.

And when they do lose their cash cow (cosmetic company), they still act like rich snobs. Annoying

For all those who say Hillary Duff is a good actress, I say give her a role that challenges her skills; it's not here. SCORE: 2

Supporting Cast

The other employees of the cosmetic company are just as annoying as the main characters with their "kiss kiss" greeting to their high and mighty talk.

The only saving grace for the characters is the guys the main characters have crushes on -- they are nice, level headed and won't take any smack from the girls. SCORE: 4


The movie starts off on a bad note -- the first few scenes have the girls enjoying life. It's a real chore waiting for the plot to get underway, and some of the kids will lose interest real fast. SCORE: 3


This follows many other films where the leading ladies are given everything they need or want; but instead of being princesses, they're just rich girls. SCORE: 4

Violence Factor

Not much to speak of here -- just two girls running about, looking for a clue (in more ways than one). SCORE: 8

Other Moral Issues

I'm not sure what the message of this film is; is it about love or friendship or the importance of doing the right thing or all of the above?

Besides it's hard for the average viewer to feel for the girls because of the gap between the ultra rich and the average citizen. SCORE: 3

Final Score (out of 60): 24 % Score: 40%

A slow plot with annoying, rich characters makes this a bad film.
Well what can I say about this other than you can tell Hilary and Hailey are sisters... they have the same smile. The movie was alright, I'd watch it again but i won't be in a hurry to do so.

Material Girls, while very enjoyable is no Oscar movie. I loved it because it is pure enjoyment. Most likely what most would call a "guilty pleasure". The only problem was the writer of the movie. Some of the stuff was pretty corny. Otherwise, it was perfection. Very funny movie. I never saw Hilary & Haley Duff be so funny, but they are. A must see if you want to watch something mindless and enjoyable.
Will someone please tell Hillary Duff (Haylie as well) that she can not act and that they should look for another profession? (Preferably something not in the entertainment industry.) The Olsen twins are actually better than the Duff's. This is horrible. I am stunned this film ever got made.

Overall, Material Girls is your typical corny cable television movie. If your into those rather corny, and goofy cable TV movies you might get a small kick out of this but it is nothing close to motion picture caliber so I have to rate it accordingly. In the end, it's a film that will probably see a TV debut sooner than later, so if your interested in seeing this film you might as well just wait until then unless you haven't got anything better to watch. :rotten:
Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff are paired up in this trendy, rich girls, high society life movie which only proves the stereotypical point of all movies like this--They live life spending money and not caring.They don't have to work, but then something bad happens and they suddenly appreciate what they have. Bad points: First off the acting is ridiculous. I mean no offensive to them or the movie, but honestly they aren't believable and if they were how they present themselves on screen is annoying. I love Hilary Duff in Raise Your Voice and her singing, but Haylie is a little off. It seems as if her little sister gets all the glory. I'm not trying to be like tabloid writer and say things like that, but could it be true? Secondly they should have switched up the story line. I mean there are already plenty of movies out with these kinds of plots. I sound like I'm ranting, so I'll try to stop. A good point to this movie though is the title. Material Girls is exactly what the movie stands for. I think it's well placed. This movie is just meant for the pure enjoyment of wasting time at night when you aren't out doing something else. OR for girls from the ages 9-14. Either way it's something that if you must watch it....then go ahead, but if you have a better choice choose that.

Lauren's Rating- 2
Material Girls (2006)

Material Girls Review

Rating: 3.7/10
Rated: PG
Starring: Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, and Anjelica Huston
Genre: Comedy/Romance
My Grade: D+

The problem with a film about rich people learning the ways of the working class... is that the writers are rich people that have no idea what its like to be in the working class. And so it is, with another Duff Fluff picture... but, this time Hilary pulls a fast one and tries to be like The Olsen Twins, adding her sister into the mix. The addition of Haylie Duff is an annoying one, because Duff can be somewhat charming on her lonesome... but, with Haylie in the picture, both of them end up being equally eye-roll worthy. The film is just wierd... and I kept saying "What the f**k!?" half of the time watching it, because its just a bizzare and unneeded flick.

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