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Masters of the Universe 1987

A prince turned warrior named He-Man battles against the dark lord Skeletor on the planet Eternia. He-Man and his comrades arrive on Earth and discover two teenage lovers to find the magical Cosmic Key...

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This movie takes me back 25 years ago. Me sitting in my pyjama in front of the tv watching this and my mom preparing breakfast. Time flew by fast.

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This was the height of 80s cheese. Everybody that watched this movie that was a fan forgave most of the INCREDIBLE transgressions visited upon us throughout the movie to hear He Man say "I have the power." The movie is what it is. No one expected to be nominated by the academy for a best anything with this one. So grab the popcorn and pizza and sodas and watch it again. Hey at least they had fun making it.

this movie was about a remake also in 3d.have the rock play he man and williem dafoe as skeletor.

How do hacks like "Gary Goddard" (creator of the unremarkable Captain Power) manage to find employment in such an incredibly competitive industry? Ostensibly, this is the only film he's directed thus far... so the damage is minimal. If you can recognize the essence of the popular cartoon series in the midst of this Superman-Star Wars mish-mash, you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. Not even the dumbest kids were amused by this cinematic monstrosity.
Like many people of my sort of age bracket, when I was younger I was obsessed with He-man, the cartoons, toys and whatever else. When this came out, I was understandably very excited. Never have I felt the same excitement about a film as I did when this came out.

Of course the film is by no means a classic. It was a relatively high budget by mid eighties standards, being 17 million. This was still fairly cheap in terms of recreating the worlds of Masters of the Universe, hence most of it was set on Earth as opposed to Eternia. Other gripes would be, no Orco, no battle cat but He Man purists could go on. The changes that the designers made were generally well recieved. The darker more gothic look with the costumes, I thought He Mans costume was really good.

The cast are good. Dolph Lundgren is perfectly cast as He-man on the physical side of things, and for his debut he isn't half bad, he's good hero material and his physical exploits make up for his lack of acting ability. He has however improved immensely since this movie and I have been a Dolph fan since, thanks mainly to the fact that he portrayed my childhood hero. Meg Foster is excellent and strangely sexy as Evil Lynn and James Tolkan is as usual very good too, but it is Frank Langellas superbly evil performance as Skelator. Skelator gets all the best lines and Langella revels in his role, with his performance shining through heavy make up.

The sets that have been built are good, particularly Greyskulls interior, which at the time was one of the largest sets ever built. This is all harmless and camp fun with a superbly uplifting musical score from Bill Conti and despite not being a very good film in the critical sense it is fun and I love it. I can forgive the fact it was written as it was purely to save money and is about as accurate to the material as Young Einstein was!

Masters of the Universe (1987)

This was so terrible. Poorly written and had nothing to do with the popular TV show that spawned the movie except for the names of the characters. In spite of all of that, it's just such a lame 80's classic that I love it! If you look at it as just a fantasy movie it's actually pretty decent but it's just not faithful to the cartoon.
Seen a bunch of movies I didn't review, so there are my reviews.

American Psycho is absolutely hilarious and awesome.

Masters of the Universe is the worst movie I have ever seen. It make Batman & Robin look like Batman Begins.

Then there's Batman Begins, which, on a scale from 1 to Batman Begins, is totally fucking sweet.

Christian Bale is becoming one of my favorite actors. I really wanna see The Machinist.
Masters of the Universe (1987): 6/10

If you didn't watch the He-Man cartoon series as a child, Masters of the Universe may appear to be nothing more than a B-Grade sci-fi action flick. Those of us who wasted many afternoons in front of the television watching the exploits of He-Man and his ilk will discover that none of the magic from the series is captured in its big-screen debut. Then there is a select few out there who thrive on trash like this, people who love outrageous adventures featuring scantily-clad men wielding large swords as they battle an array of bizarro creatures from another world. I happen to fall into this little niche, so Masters of the Universe is an enjoyable way to waste a few hours. It's worth seeing as a curiosity, and it might play well with a large group of friends who enjoy campy science fiction movies. The rest of you will be scratching your heads in confusion.
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