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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 2003

During the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain pushes his ship and crew to their limits in pursuit of a formidable French war vessel around South America...

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Brilliant. Based on the fabulous Aubrey-Maturin books of Patrick O'Brian.

Would love to see another film from the series...
A good movie to revisit every couple a years...8/10
I really liked it. It's definitely a good film though not quite an epic like the Brando type old school ones. A well deserved 7.9/10
really enjoyed this movie, great story,pace,acting,photography 8/10
What a classic...such an incredible film on so many different levels; 10/10.
I went to a preview! My friend who works at a barn that I vouliteer at got the tickets. A lady who keeps her horse there helps pramote movies. So we were Cotten the horse's gest:D We got there at 5pm and the line was already huge. We were behind at least 150 people, We stood in line for like an hour, the movie did not start tell 7pm. We the lady that owns Cotten found us and told us to go right on in :D So we walked past all the cold people right in to the warm warm thearter :D and we go special seats too! The movie was great! we had saround sound, comfy seats. It was like you were there on the ship:) Russell Crowe did a wonderful job as the Captain and and guess what? his name was Jack:D This movie has a great cast Billy B. the guythat played Pippen in "Lord of the Rings" he was in it. The actor from "A Knights tale" and "A Beautiful minds" was in it.
I would say its a most see movie! now go out and see it!
I just saw Master and Commander, and thought it was a fantastic historical adventure film. I love movies that take you on a journey, like this one does, and has hardly a dull moment along the way. If felt kind of like a big reunion of actors who have played in other epic films at times. There's Russell Crowe as Captain Jack Aubrey, Paul Bettany (who costarred with Crowe as his roommate in A Beautiful Mind and also stole every scene in the swords-and-chivalry flick A Knight's Tale) as the ship's doctor, and the guy who played the announcer at the Coliseum in Gladiator is one of the officers. Billy Boyd (Pippin in the Lord of the Rings movies) also makes an appearance as the helmsman (or whatever they call the guy who steers the ship). It will be interesting to see how well this one does at the box office, or if it earns back the $130+ million spent on it. If it's a blockbuster, I'm sure we'll see a sequel or two, maybe even a series of them like the A&E network's excellent productions of Horatio Hornblower. A very good film overall and probably a lock for my ten best list for 2003.
So, I finally saw M & C after a long wait to be sure. I have to say I was a little disappointed, I thought it would be my favorite movie thus far this year. However, that was not the case. But, I did like the movie quite a bit. I thought it lacked some emotion, although Peter Weir tried to get a tear out of you.

Crowe was excellent as always and could be an Oscar candidate, if the year finishes as slow as it has begun. My favorite performace is Paul Bettany though, he deseveres an Oscar nod for sure.

I'm kinda tired so that about all I'll put for now, suffice is to say it was a very well made film with excellent performances that just left me a little cold.

Rating: B+
Ok, I saw Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World tonight and I loved it. It's quite an amazing feat of filmmaking wizardry, brilliant storytelling, quiet, human scenes, roaring battle scenes, and just awe-inspiring super-coolness. Go see it now.
Although its plot is a bit overstuffed - though that's not unlike the novels on which the film was based, so perhaps it makes sense - Master and Commander is an impressively mounted film with solid action, good characterizations and a wealth of period detail. I don't know if it's the film to beat at the Oscars as some critics are suggesting, but it certainly deserves some nominations (Weir, Bettany, probably Crowe, and a host of technical ones, at least).

Review: Master and Commander

I was also surprised at the film's popularity. Opening night, sure, but it's not exactly Spiderman 2 or something. The 9:25 show was sold out almost an hour in advance, and the 10:35 show - and even for a Friday night that's usually later than a lot of people want to see a movie, in my experience - came pretty close to filling up (and had a good-sized line waiting to get in by 10 o'clock), possibly due to 9:25 spill-over. I'd sooner people give their money to Lost in Translation or Shattered Glass, both of which were also playing, but it's at least nice to see this one making some money, since its budget was huge and you might think "Russell Crowe sailing movie, maybe not a huge hit."
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