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Martyrs 2008

A young woman's quest for revenge against the people who kidnapped and tormented her as a child leads her and a friend, who is also a victim of child abuse, on a terrifying journey into a living hell of depravity...

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@James_Dean hmm I haven't seen Irreversible or Baise Moi. I get curious easily so I am sure to watch those this weekend. True, the fact that stuff like this actually happens out in real life really gets you thinking.
@angelheart18 One more observation. I think these films are very good, but very disturbing because the horror is not some "boogie man" monster but it is simply brutal and sadistic human beings doing the unimaginable for whatever reason they have. What is in this film is tame to what the drug cartels do to people on a weekly basis in Mexico which is 10 miles south of where I live. We get constant news stories of people found tortured, murdered and dismembered, etc... and other stuff to horrible to mention. That this occurs in real life is the real horror not movies like this.
@angelheart18 I thought this was gory and bloody and then I saw "Irreversible" yikes! And then "Baise Moi" is another one very similar to this in the "disturbing" film category. Funny thing is all 3 are of the French New Wave Horror movement. Good stuff but it burns into the mind forever. The images can't be unseen!
8/10 amazing and that ending was amazing i it's own way. Not all was scary if anything just the beginning. More of a gory movie than horror but in all the movie itself as a whole was just amazing though yeah if you can't stomach a lot of bloody situations stay away from it, if not enjoy~
8/10 Now that was a fncked up movie
Beautiful Movie for hardcore horror fans everywhere:) will watch this again when ready...if you liked this watch the original "Funny Games" WAY more emotianlly scarring than even this...
you are too nice st3wie. your link is immaculate.
this movie is rough, but so good. I needed that 32mins of terror fueled adrenaline rush... i will finish this in the morning.
(in this case I'm glad I don't dream much)

thanks for being awesome st3wie!
I really want to see this again, but I can not watch it dubbed. please let me know if a link comes out in french with english subs... thanks!
The poor dubbing on the versions available here can really ruin the viewing experience. Subtitled versions are out there and heighten the film. It's worth finding - as this is a horror film that, like it or hate it, tries and succeeds to transcend into being more than just a prototypical very nasty flick. It's a great one for those who can stomach it and are willing to go for the ride. 8.5/10
Keep doubting.
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