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Mysterious. I liked it. Props to Sir Lawrence Olivier. Props to Dustin Hoffman and Roy Scheider, and Mr. "Deliverance" Schlesinger. Great story. I wonder how much running Hoffman had to do for this movie. He was like a Hollywood version of Sonny, from SBHS, the tard that the cool kids used to make race everyone. :fresh:
Is it safe? Yes, it's safe. If you want to watch an utterly gripping suspense tale.

I had caught bits and pieces of this over the years, so it was a real treat to see the whole thing in the theater as part of a mini John Schlesinger retrospective at the Bangkok Int'l Film Festival.

It starts out with a Jewish guy and German getting into a case of road rage on the streets of New York, bashing their big, old 70s cars up against each other and smashing at the end in a firey explosion in a collision with a gas truck.

Then we see Dustin Hoffman running. Plus he's a graduate student.

Cut to Roy Scheider in Paris. What is going on? That's part of the fun - watching how Hoffman's character fits in with all this. Then when the painful dentistry scene with Laurence Olivier kicks in, it really has some impact.

Is it safe? Depends on if you can take it or not.
Ok, here's three real quick reviews:

Marathon Man: Great thriller. Lawrence Olivier is the scariest Nazi dentist diamond thief I can think of.

Drop Dead Gorgeous: Very good mockumentary spoof of a small town beauty pageant. Very funny.

Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns): Quite a well put together documentary chronicaling the history of the quirky college rock duet They Might Be Giants. If you're a fan of the band, definitely check the movie out. If not, you might get a little bored.

That's it. Straight 8's. Me need sleeping.
Comments pending.
The dental torture scene should be replayed in the lounge of every waiting room to shut those annoying kids up. Wonder if it'll work on Jacob? Hmmm. Anyways, another eerie scene is when Szell is walking down a street in NYC and quickly becomes recognizable as a war criminal.

The acting is amazing. Maybe convincing for the time of the release, I had a hard time convinced of Dustin Hoffman's character because I am more familiar with his older version.

This is some good twisted shit.

I love this movie! I have several favorite actors. This film stars two, (one of them near the top of my list). Dustin Hoffman is such a cool, everyday guy, you can't help but love him. Especially in this film! He's a simple, passive doctoral candidate, who loves to run. But after he discovers his brother (Roy Scheider) isn't in the oil business and watches him die in his apartment, Hoffman is thrust into a live or die situation. Why? All in the name of diamonds. The story is so rich you could eat it. Hoffman's nemesis in this film is the amazing Laurence Olivier. His portrayal of Christian Szell, the crazy nazi dentist, forever scarred me. With three words, "Is it safe?", Olivier managed to instill in me the possibility that getting my teeth cleaned meant sheer agonizing pain.
And William Devane turns out a great performance as a lying, backstabbing government agent. (He later impressed audiences with his hubristic role as Mr. Carter in "Payback").
True to Hoffman's earlier days, this film is about a regular guy forced to cope with extreme situations. If you haven't seen it - then get off your butt and watch it


finally got the boyfriend to watch this. damn, i love it. it rocked when i was a kid and it still holds up today. sure it's cheesy, but it's the good kind of cheese. it's just plain fun.

"goonies never say die!"
Dustin Hoffman ALWAYS delivers. This psycho thriller is disturbing but enjoyable to watch. I just feel so sorry for the jews in it. Olivier is a disgusting man and he is truly chilling. I only got one more question to ask: 'Is it safe?'
One of John 'Midnight Cowboy' Schlesinger's best pictures. 8.6/10
:fresh: I had to be very patient to watch the emotionant part of the film that finally came whith Scheider's death, murdered by Olivier's secret knife. Hoffman was 40 years old and he portrays a young student, but you don't realize he is older, his performance is believable, good point to the film.

Laurence Olivier portrays a nazi doctor who was a dentist and uses his instruments to torture his victims, it's horrible but funny at the time to watch how he works with this magical touch of a careful doctor who doesn't want to harm the "patient" but at the time, he is torturing him just because Hoffman doesn't ask him if: "Is it safe?".

Hoffman's character develops his hate and at the end of the movie, he is the sadic and forces Olivier to eat one of the diamonds, and Szell finally dies victim of his secret knife hidden inside his suit trying to rescue his valuable diamonds, what can I say... The movie started with scenes with no conection, good scenes but with no relation, but Olivier appeared and all the past scenes connected perfectly and the film became an unforgetable experience. One of the best films I've seen.
Pride and Prejudice

Oh My God. The HORROR. I sit here, 4 days after watching and still struggle to find the words to describe it. It is remarkable, no, not enough. Um, miraculous? Hmmm...Safe to say it blew me away completely. I can NOT believe this story, Hollywood could never have dreamed it. I knew only one fact when I went in to it, the one everyone knows, that one partner had to cut his dying partner from the mountain in order to save himself. I knew nothing else of what happened. It is brilliant, torturous, moving and visually gorgeous. Maybe not worth a 10 in film, but in emotional response? Definitely.
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