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I find this movie hilarious and highly amusing. Good job casting everybody especially Taye Diggs and Anthony Anderson as the fake kidnappers. The plot is ridiculous but it is executed well which is why it is a win in my book.

mXAndk Thanks for the post

this movie is complete crap :rotten:
Artist: Alicia Keys
Song: If I Ain't Got You
Album: Diary Of Alicia Keys

I always thought this song was a remake, but she said in an interview she wrote the song herself. If I haven't done it before, I pronounce Alicia Keys to be my wife.

I've been bored on my Spring Break. During the day I do my schoolwork (I have a paper to do) and nighttime I hang out with friends who also got nothing to do during the day. We got drunk Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights and we took a break last night to watch some movies, Malibu's Most Wanted and Cotton Mary (only God knows why my friend rented that movie).

I've been going to the gym more, trying to get some abs here. But today worked out for 3 hours on my legs. I f only I had a wheelchair......
:p :fresh: :D ;) :) :up: This movie was SO funny. Jamie Kennedy was the star, and it co-stars Taye Diggs, Anthony Anderson, and Snoop Dogg. Brad (Jamie Kennedy) thinks that he is a rapper named B-Rad. He thinks he lives in the ghetto, but he is actually one of the richest people in Malibu. If you haven't seen this movie, go see it. It is the funniest movie I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

alright first off i'll tell you why i'm giving it a fresh rating, quite simply because on the DVD case it says "comedy" and you know what, i laughed, i laughed alot. Ok so it is a really stupid movie but it's just so stupid that it's funny. I mean Jamie Kennedy is hilarious, I see so many wiggers at my school that this just makes me laugh. Taye Diggs and Anthony Anderson are funny as the non-stereotypical black guys. Alot of people didn't like this film but I respect that, everybody's taste in comedies is alot different and I just enjoyed this film as jab at stereotypes. 6 on 10.

This was by far one of the dumbest movies ever made. What a total waste of talent here. The movie was just so ridiculous, I wanted to kill my friends for actually wanting to check this sh*t out. I know this movie was somewhat of a parody, but they just did it all wrong. Simon Rex did a better job in the lame, PG-13 rated Scary Movie 3. Jaime's character was annoying & just plain dumb. A chimpanzee could have done a better job & I would have actually laughed my ass off. Well, just don't see this crap.
Cronos is a very original story idea. Great implied vampirism. Most of the movie is slow, but the beginning and end are very good. I loved this movie and was bored by much of it all at the same time.

Malibu is great wigger comedy. Therefore I really liked it. You will laugh your heazzey of forshezzey. The love story has zero chemistry and drags the movie a little.

McCool's is brilliant at times. It's a very modern Hollywood comedy. Therefore it's a little perverse and twisted at times. The amount of selfishness in this movie leaves you with a bad feeling, however John Goodman's character is such a pitiful soul that you actually feel for him. But he's the only one you will really care for in this film which lacks enough individual morals for each character for us to really care about any of them. However I come back to my original point, it's a very clever comedy.

American Wedding is all about Stifler, and thats a great idea for a third installment. The flick takes some opportunity to poke fun at it predicessor's which I believe was wise filmmaking by the director. The Gay bar and bachelor party stuff is laugh out loud funny

Godzilla vs. Megalon is funny in it's dated cheapness, but yet it's Godzilla so that goes without saying. I laughed and kept chanting "Go go Power Rangers" I couldn't help it. The little kids voice is annoying and the robot reprograaming himself to increase in size are very weak. The story idea was kinda cool. But you can only get so much out of this film.
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