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Madea's Family Reunion 2006

While planning her family reunion, a pistol-packing grandma (Perry) must contend with the other dramas on her plate, including the runaway who has been placed under her care, and her love-troubled nieces...

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Pretty good movie. Most of the stuff has been done, but to watch Madea do it, it's pretty funny.
:fresh: This movie is hilarious!!! :up:

We stayed to see it twice and laughed just as much, if not more, the second time. Madea is true to form and up to her old tricks. :D The cast and the acting is excellent, very well put together, and Tyler Perry is just getting better and better with each movie. I am looking forward to more of Madea's movies/events to come. She is like a member of the family. We reference her on a regular basis around here. Also, Perry is releasing a book of Madea'isms in a few months. If his goal is to be a vessel for God to use him to get a message to people and make a difference in the lives of those who identify with Madea, then he should be pleased. One day he should hear "Well done, good and faithful servant". :) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! :cool:
I loved this movie! It obviously isn't for everyone, but for those of us who grew up in the era of the community raising children, and when public spankings of unruly children was permissible, Madea shows us how it should be done. There are lots of good messages, lots of funny lines, and I had the pleasure of viewing the movie with a largely urban audience - cell phones, hollerin' babies, and people talking back to the screen, saying things funnier than what was already there, a true "experience." I can't wait for the next Madea movie. I enjoyed this much more than Diary of a Mad Black Woman. It's a Tyler Perry product, and if viewed in that context, you'll have to agree that it is excellent. This movie is not trying to be Oscar worthy. But it is "laugh, feel good, and go home happy" worthy. Go see Madea's Family Reunion right away!
Madea's Family Reunion * * *

Remnants from Diary of a Mad Black Woman have found their in Madea's Family Reunion, but they are better handled here than in the previous installment. You have the abused wife, the woman fearful of love and being loved, Boris Kodjoe who bares a striking resemblance to last year's romantic interest played by Shemar Moore, and of course Madea's saintly advise. All of it is made passable by performances from Underwood, Aytes, and Whittfield, who hit their marks more often than not. Lisa Anderson can be a bit shaky at times and her romance with Kodjoe can be an eye-roller, but whenever the ball fumbles, Tyler Perry is right there to pick it up, consistently running into hilarious territory as both Madea and her brother, Uncle Joe.

Still dabbling in melodrama, Madea's Family Reunion makes tiny, but noticeable baby steps towards improvement. By the fourth film, Tyler Perry should have his dramatics down, but for now he's got me looking forward for the third installment. Reunion is a rarity though-- an enjoyable film, in which the subject matter speaks to an audience instead of talks down to one.
This movie was AWESOME! I saw it and was LAUGHING hysterically in the theater! Plus the scenes and lines were so great and the message is AWESOME too! I just LOVED it and HIGHLY reccommend it!
If you liked "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" you will LOVE "Madea's Family Reunion"!
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Madeas Family Reunion

After a flyover of the Atlanta skyscrapers to list the credits, this movie opens with a bed/bath scene of a well dressed black man disrobing his wife/lover/girlfriend in front of a string quartet for a tub bath. Is this how the rich live? Rich black folk? After that, the movie goes downhill in a chickflick interspersed with fart joke clunker that is referred to as a "drama-comedy." Critics have referred to the script as "soap opera," which is a kind way of saing it was crap. A few monolgues to the intended black audience reassures that maybe a sense of pride and can do attitude is alive in the black community, but the villian wealthy black dude in the Mercedes only lacks a Bush Cheney bumper sticker on his ride to let us know why he is really a bad man. Great for the actor/director/producer/et al to play three characters, but they mostly gave him more face time in tis 2 hour snoozer. Awful. The black version of the Hung Luck Club,or whatever the name of that unwatchable drivel from the 1990's was. Save your money.


Fantastic movie, I've seen it three times already and it was so noisey I will have to buy the DVD to see it in peace. May God continue to bless you in all of your efforts.

Something is going on in the ratings of the Perry movies. Can't put my finger on it......yet. But there is too wide a disparity between the er', ah "CRITICS" and the "USER'S" opinions. Perhaps we should use (formerly?) the Olympic scoring method; throw away the highest and the lowest scores to obtain a more objective and hopefully more accurate rating. But when there is an abundance of 10's and 0's for the same movie, and there is, with the critics on the 0 side and the users on the 10 side, what gives? I repeat, I don't know, but I did see the movie. and ANYONE who gives this movie a zero is judging something other than the movie. To each to his/her own opinion, but that is just too far off. Could be a matter of perspective. What you see depends on where you are standing in relation to the object. Now, there can be little debate that these Perry movies, for the most part are written from a black perspective. But, back to the movie. It is, much like "Diary..." well acted, all around. The juxtaposition of Madea in the midst of serious situtions, when properly linked is by no means a "break in the flow". It is a confirmation of incidents in our lives with strong relatives that in fact do drop and butt in at those "inapproprite" times. Moral, ethical and yes even religious tones are threaded thruout the movie. This has been described by the "critics" as being "preachy". But this is not objectionable to or in the Black Community, not even in a movie. This is known as the "Truth". As said before, some of us view a movie from opposite sides of the screen. But this movie deals with spousal abuse, sibling rivalry, favoritism and child abuse. Perry has tried to paint a picture of us, as some of us are, and how some want to be. He has succeeded admirably. And.....we still managed to laugh. An unapologetic, well-deserved nine stars *********.
What a pleasant surprise to see a screen full of beautiful pearly whites and silky glowing chocolate and cocoa brown beauty for 2 hours. The men and women in this film made me proud of the black race and heritage in all of its splendor and mocha glory. Thank you Tyler Perry!
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