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@PANZERFAUST45 "Hey Toecutter! You hear me man! Its the Nightrider! I was born with a steering in my hand and Petrol in my blood! The Kid is laying a rubber road to freedom!!!" :) LOL! I love the beginning! Nightrider is insane and awesome. Toecutter is just epic! I love when the Toecutter licks Max's wife's ice cream cone LMFAO! Gonna watch it now for about the 100th time... No exaggeration! I've seen this one and "Full Metal Jacket" at least 100 times each if not more!
I really want to watch this movie. But I've heard nothing but bad things. And there's nothing I hate more than my younger days of watching those 5 hour long, dragged-out westerns with my grandparents. I'll eventually turn it on while I'm doing the dishes or something.
Good movie in terms of technical and stunts. Storyline and pacing were as if a 10 year old with a.d.d came up with it. But I think this might be because of a measly 1 million dollar budget. And I must say it was pretty good for only being a 1 million dollar movie.
@kiwivison I never said I didn't understand the plot, bro. I just think it skips all over and is hard to follow. I personally didn't like the movie, and felt it wsa confusing to follow, so what's the point in calling me names, @bargal20 ?
@bargal20 Well, admittedly, the movie is inconsistent and jumps from scene to scene with not that much fluidity.

When we first see Night Rider, he's running away from killing an officer which we barely know anything about. The first time we see Johnny, he's high, and despite being the protégé of the Acolyte road gang, he gets left behind. Then they come back for him. Max's child seems to appear out of nowhere in the film. You also get some moments of horrendous acting between Mel and the road gang, along with some typical 70's DUN-DUN-DUNNNN sound bites. It's also kind of strange that for an action film with a full running time of ~93 minutes, it doesn't really see action until around the ~70 minute mark.
@cosmicJalapeno @bargal20 @kiwivision

Wow, for reals '79 huh. Dayum. Aye Jala, come by and shoot my dog and I'll show you the plot! Hahaha jk jk
@bargal20 so true. No idea how anyone could not understand the plot.
No plot and kind of confusing.
Love this freakin movie its the sh##
Great thrills !
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