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Love Don't Cost a Thing 2003

Highschool loser (Cannon) pays a cheerleader (Milian) to pose as his girlfriend so he can be considered cool. Remake of 1987' Can't Buy Me Love, starring Patrick Dempsey...

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I think I saw this movie in a past life. Can't buy me Love was this movie 15 years ago. I thought the movie was good. The actin was funny, and kept me laughing the whole time. I think this is going to launch Milans career. I would go watch this again, which says alot.
I knew I wouldn't be that amazed by Love Don't Cost A Thing, but it was not as bad as I'd expected it to be. The movie has no surprises, but the characters are fine, and it was just good for some entertainment. But I'm glad I finally got over this one and won't have to watch it again. Too bad Nick Cannon didn't get to play anything better after Drumline, which I'd loved quite a bunch.

Patrick Dempsey must be rolling around in his grave right now. Oh wait... he's not dead. He was in Sweet Home Alabama and Emperor's Club. He's still gotta be pissed as all fuck, though.

See, this is the blackified, dumb shit version of Can't Buy me Love, a classic 80's movie that was cheesy but lovable. Some great scenes in that one. This is shit. Horse shit. I liked Drumline, but contrary to Dave Chappelle's son, Nick Cannon is not hillarious. I thought that the guy went from looking slightly out of place, to fucking goofy. Sorry, but pink is not a good look for guys. Suck it up. Flat billed hats? Yea, doofy. Keeping the tags on your shit... yea, you've just lost your right to wear clothes, because you're not doing it responsibly. I cannot deal with this dumb shit group of people who do not realize how absolutely stupid they look, and this movie did nothing but make me angry.

Also, it seems to promote the belief system that unless you find a way to change your school's perseption on things, you may as well kill yourself, because you're not going to get popular.

Avoid this shit like the plague, unless you're looking for a movie that's a giant fucking cocktease of big tittied women who all want to put out.
I'm not exactly sure what to think of the movies that I have seen, the best one was Calendar Girls, I loved it! Peter Pan, Chasing Liberty, and Love Don't Cost a Thing, I'm not sure what to think of those. Peter Pan, I guess I just wasn't in the mood for. Chasing Liberty, well at first it was alright, then I got bored with it. Love Don't Cost a Thing, I'd rather watch the one with Patrick Dimpsy, somethings just don't need to be remade.

I'm really looking foward to seeing Shrek, too bad it doesn't open until Wednesday. I want to see it now

I have nothing GREAT to share. I didn't do anything too exciting Yesterday. Ahh well.
1987's Can't Buy Me Love gets a hip-hop makeover in Love Don't Cost A Thing, with Drumline's Nick Cannon in the Patrick Dempsey role and the delicious Christina Milian filling in for Amanda Peterson. Hipper and smarter than the original, Love Don't Cost A Thing is a humor-laden commentary on the perils of popularity and the harshness one must endure at the low-end of the high-school hierarchy.

In this modern update, the disturbing angle of the original, in which Dempsey offers Peterson $1,000 to be his girlfriend for a month, is softened a bit to make the arrangement seem less smarmy. Here, Milian wrecks her mother's car and Cannon offers to pay for the repairs if Milian pretends to be his girlfriend for two weeks. Whereas the premise of the original film bordered on teenage prostitution, the arrangement here seems more like a business deal to increase Cannon's social standing. It's a set-up that seems ridiculous, given that Milian comes from a background of wealth and would surely have access to the $1500 necessary to repair the car, but the two have to be brought together somehow and this premise is as good as any, I suppose.

I enjoyed Cannon's performance in Drumline and I think he's a star on the verge of breaking through. Here, though, he's a bit too goofy and takes his transformation from geek to chic a bit too over the top. Cannon has a nice sense of comic timing and he pulls off some truly funny geek moments, including a bit in which he uses an exercise tape to teach himself some dance moves. Milian does nice work, but her character proves problematic. I never quite understood why she was willing to risk her popularity for Cannon and her 180-degree turn in attitude is abrupt and unconvincing. We learn that she has aspirations other than being the most popular girl in school, but none of it explains why she turns on her own friends so suddenly. Despite unsatisfying character development, Milian is an absolutely engaging screen presence. Steve Harvey gets my vote as the film's scene stealer in a side-splitting turn as Cannon's father, a man who still fancies himself a playa and whose idea of legacy is the passing down of a "hope chest" full of.....well, you'll just have to see the film to fully appreciate the genius of Harvey's father/son chats.

Love Don't Cost A Thing is available on DVD in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen and 5.1 Dolby Digital. Extras are few, consisting of deleted scenes and an alternate ending that I thought wrapped things up in a more satisfying way; a brief making-of featurette that offers little in the way of anything interesting; a pair of music videos featuring music from the soundtrack, and the original trailer.

Love Don't Cost A Thing is a pleasant film that wraps up issues of popularity, friendship, moral values, self-confidence, and self-worth in hip-hop packaging. While it makes some interesting and, at times, poignant points about the social order of teens, the message often gets lost under all the silliness.
Love Don't Cost a Thing is a solid, all-be-it fluffy, remake of the 1980s teen comedy "Can't Buy Me Love." The urbanized remake involves a high-school pool boy that rents the time of the high school "hot" girl so that he can gain popularity. The plot, even if you have seen the orginal, is fairly predictable... lets face it a movie like this is not Hamlet, but overall this movie has a good heart and its generally fun. Steve Harvey is hillarious as the pool-boy's father and the rest of the young cast holds their own as well. Not bad escapist fun.
:rotten: I suppose director Troy Beyer thought "Slow and steady wins the race." :down: Boy, was he wrong. He obviously didn't spend much time on this mo vie. I was sitting there, the entire time thinking, "Is it over yet?" Basically. the entire movie was based on the lesson of putting on condoms... it was ridiculous! I HIGHLY advise you not to see this movie. It's an awful remake of the relatively exciting 80's movie "Can't Buy Me' Love" starring Patrick Dempsey.
After watching Love Dont Cost A Thing for a secound time, I came to find that it isn't such a bad movie, for a remake that it. Can't Buy Me Love is a classic that can never be touched, but Love Dont Cost A Thing reaches out to todays youth. Christina Millian and Nick Cannon have an undinable onscreen chemistry.Love Dont Cost a Thing is a good movie to watch, if you can't find the original,Can't Buy Me Love.

I enjoyed this film, I laughed, it was a fun film, but nothing special, mainly I watched it for Ms. Milian and I enjoyed it. Story was nothing new, very predictable, basically one of your run of the mill teen films. I would have given it a rotten but I did like it, even if it was only because of Christina. Ms Milian gets a fresh and is free to call me anytime, the film barely gets a fresh just because she was enough to save it, even though it's nothing new, and I don't like Nick Cannon as an actor or a "singer".:fresh:
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