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Lost and Delirious 2001

A newcomer to a posh girls boarding school discovers that her two senior roommates are lovers...

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Fuckin' fabulous.

I have been awake for like 28 hours now so I'm not gonna write any more.
*1/2 / *****

This movie is very underrated. Unlike most movies nowadays, you actually give a shit about the characters (even Mary, the fly on the wall between Tori and Paulie). This is a great story about forbidden love and the pain of rejection and loss. Piper Perabo should have won an Oscar for her mesmorizing performance. The Academy should have paid more attention to this gem.
Independent / Drama
I meant to see this one at the Atlantic Film Festival but I couldn't get tickets. I never did come to town and I proceeded to forget about it. The other day I was looking though the bargain bin at The Future Shop and found it for $6.99 but it said that it was in full screen. I bought it anyway, thinking that if I really liked it I could order the wide screen version. I popped the DVD in yesterday afternoon and much to my surprise and delight, it was actually the wide screen version after all. That said, I really enjoyed this movie, and not just the lesbian sex scenes (although Piper Perabo has great tits). It is a wonderful story about love and how we don't always choose who we fall in love with. There were strong performances from all three leads, especially Perabo and Jessica Pare.

Edit: After second viewing I raised the rating from 8 to 9.
This is the best movie I have ever seen and I recommend it to all. The characters are great and the actresses are better and the tears will remain even after the credits roll.
A movie with no flaws

So I know its been a while. But I'm not that good with journals. But I do have a myspace account now. Hey will someone invite me into a group,I'm lonely, but a bit lazy too. Any way thought I'd rate one of my old favorites.

Lost and Delirious
Gosh this was one of my first movies about truly intense love. The synopsis is simple. Lonely girl with a deam mum goes to a prep school and is forced to room with two girls. Ironically they turn out to be lovers. THough akward at first, sh learns to love there moans and etc. THough my brother watches it for the sex scenes, I watched to try and understand the desperation behind hte characters. they were all looking for love, and in some way they all found it, but when you abuse love, especially a deep love, you get bitterness. Well to cut the story short, the couple breaks due to getting caught, and one of them gets accused of being a big ol' lesbo stalker. Which she might as well was. But this is a story told through the eyes of a clueless girl, involving people blinded by torturess love. So I ofcourse take a great deal of pride in it. check it out.

Anyone going 2 see CRASH?

I loved this movie. 3 teenage girl explore love at an all girls boarding school. Piper Perabo is to die for, and Mischa Barton was actually bearable in this flick-I usually hate her. Although NOT for everyone, worth a peek. 7
The Ring Two DVD has just released.........and I wont be buying it, the first one was terrible......and so was the second one......


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Lost and Delirious (2001)

At first this movie might look like a Dazed and Confused knock-off, but it isnt, and its a very fucked up movie, dont watch it.

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