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Lord of War 2005

An arms dealer confronts the morality of his work as he is being chased by an Interpol agent...

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one of the best movies that i've ever seen
10/10............Get The Movie!!!
"Beers and Homies Hookup"!!!!!
"You Won't Want Your Time Back"
This is "Vintage Nicolas Cage",good action flick and true story! a entertaining watch. 7/10
Trailer Rating: Nicholas Cage really works well in some movies. This looks like it might be one of them. Guns and deceiving your signifigant other, Will there be another movie angling harder for the fratboy dollar come September? The answer to that question should be 'no'.
I was overjoyed upon hearing about the return of moderation to RT. As many of you know, I took a sabbatical for a few months, then returned to find the trolls in full force on RT. I took refuge at the Axis and have enjoyed my stay, but I've missed the journal and the boards here. For now I'll split time between both.

So, without further ado, here's my first serious entry in months (that is, not about politics or cats).

Lord of War - Guns are bad, ummkay? This was a well-acted, montage-heavy piece with a lot to say, umm, err, to preach. It reminded me a lot of Blow, with maybe a little bit of Goodfellas mixed in, but not the better parts. Cage was alright. He's been better and plenty worse (groan - Con Air). Jared Leto gave a surprisingly good performance. I thought he was too busy with indie-rock mediocrity and seducing dead hegemons to really give his all to acting. He did alright here, albeit in a smaller role than I would have liked, and didn't have to lose a major appendage to do so. My biggest problem with this flick was the uneven pacing. It screeches to a halt sometimes, while at others it moves way too fast, making it one of the few films to seem overly ambitious and lazy at the same time. The nasty exclamation point came at the end with Cage giving a speech about the evil in men, proving yet again that directors should refrain from wearing their agenda on their sleeves whenever possible. 5/10

Mysterious Skin - I try to keep myself as unbiased as possible, but I cannot remove my own personal tastes from this movie. In fact, I knew this going in, having read the soundtrack and numerous posts/entries about Slowdive's presence within the film. In the days preceding it's opening, I called it "The Slowdive movie." In addition to my favorite dream-poppers, there was also a bit of Curve, an early Ride song, some Sigur Ros, and a solid score composed by Robin Guthrie, formerly of the Cocteau Twins, and some other guy I had never heard of. As I expected, I found myself following the music more than the film. I liked it, nearly loved it, but can't guarantee that it was the characters or storyline that led to my pleasant impression. It was well-done, and a great character study of how people with different backgrounds can react to the same events. Did I mention that the music is great? Go see it. 8/10

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - From what I understand, people are divided on this one based on whether they'd read the books or not. The people who know the books seem to generally like it (or so I gather), while the people who haven't find it to be utter crap. I've read and adored the books since childhood, as well as seen the BBC mini-series which I enjoyed very much. I figured I'd be with the first group, but, boy was I wrong. This movie sucked. I can understand why Douglas Adams virgins hate it so much. My mild entertainment came more as a result of my fond memories of the books, and the few scenes that visualize the words well. Trust me, they were few and far between. Aside from Alan Rickman's voice, the performances were atrocious! Zooey Deschanel is adorable, but I'm beginning to question her acting pedigree; Mos Def did absolutely nothing with his role, and Sam Rockwell did too much with his. If you really want to see this, rent the BBC series instead. 4/10

Trailers Shmailers: The Jarhead trailer looked great on the big screen. I'm really looking forward to this. Another Nic Cage movie, The Weatherman, could be decent, but could be another The Family Man. Saw 2 looks like more of the first, but probably twice as crappy (and I was among the few who somewhat liked the first). I forget the rest.
I wasn't sure I'd like this movie. I can't say I'd get real excited about a gun runner...whether they lived or died. And I was right. However, the movie isn't whether you like or don't like the main character. There's a deeper message here and the movie is worth seeing.
I saw Lord of War last night and was pleasantly surprised! Although when I left the theater I was mad at Nicholas Cages' character Yuri will see why! Anyways it is about an arms dealer who sells his arms, many times, to these poor, war-torn countries who use the weapons to kill more people.

I thought the movie was excellent and it shows you perhaps what some of these dealers really have to go through. I'll give it a 7/10

A film with a message, that's for sure. I was really looking forward to Lord of War, and although it didn't pack the punch I thought it would, it was still very good. The screenplay was excellent and very intelligent, the acting superb and the cinematography provoking. I think it could have been structured in a more compelling manner, but I'm not complaining in the least.
I thought this was an interesting commentary on the way the world is today and how rediculous a lot of the violence is, and how many people are hypocrites. It was very well narrarrated and came off as a dark comedy. Nicholas Cage did a great job, even if there isn't any redemption in the end. Human condition is a fragile thing, they blew it apart with an AK-47. It was also quite educational.
Lord of War (2005): 8/10

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