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Lord of the Flies 1990

Stranded on an island, a group of schoolboys degenerate into savagery...

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yep weird.. liked idea.. put was just weird

Some of the acting is crap and this is by no means a masterpiece, but it's worth watching. I remember watching this in school after we finished the book. The book puts the film to shame, and maybe a third remake could actually fly as a great film.

Where: DVD
Genres: Dramas, Coming Of Age, Drama, Kids Adventure, Recommended, Theatrical Release

One line review: One of those movies in the $9.99 DVD bin worth skipping.

I've never read the book but I am familiar with the gist of the story with Lord of the Flies. There was some vivid imagery in the film, but ultimately I think it fails because of the all-child cast. It is hard to find actors who could portray the intensity of the drama. Ralpha and Piggy made a fair shake of it, but the actor who played Jack kept the movie from being as good as it could have been. Simon seemed like an interesting but ultimately under-utilized character who should have been more developed. That was really the problem with most of the film, not enough development given to the supporting cast. Instead Ralph and Jack were meant to carry the film and they weren't up to snuff.

TomatoMeter: 63% People: 62% Average: 62%
(Rotten Tomatoes) (IMDB)

Star Balthazar Getty (White Squall - 68%)
Star Christopher Furrh
Star Danuel Pipoly
Star Badgett Dale
Director Harry Hook

:fresh: not too many posted this movie up... i saw it in soc class. awesome movie... it makes you think about what would you do if you were lost on an island after a plane crash... think of it like 'lost' but with preteen boys. michael jackson's paridise island.
i digress. very awesome movie, i recommend it. so there.

we did everything just the way that grown-ups would have... what went wrong?


This unenjoyable movie shows kids stranded on an island and do stuff. This movie as James Bridge Dale who some (including me) remember him as Chase Edmonds in season 3 of 24. & theres a fat kid named Piggy. Oink Oink Mooo.
So here is another dumb movie that I just happen to like. Sure this version of Lord of the Flies isn't a perfect adaptation of the novel. Sure it drops a lot of the books ideas about morality and such. And the original version of the film is most likely better. I say this because I haven't seen it in its entirety yet. But I like this movie.

This isn't a movie I would recommend to anyone. I don't want people to go out of their way to see it either. This movie is that kind of movie you find playing late at night on television, and since nothing else is on you end up watching it. And that is how it works. It is mindless entertainment. Even though it shouldn't be.

The thing that does work well in this movie are the performances by all the young actors. While watching the film, I had a hard time understanding how director Harry Hook managed to get all these kids to dress like savages, run around in the jungle and speak such horrid words. I hope that I don't come off as a child pervert, nor do I want you to think that I see Harry Hook is one. But seeing these kids doing some of the stuff they did amazed me.

But the movie does have a lot of problems. You never really get involved with these characters enough to care for them. And a lot of things don't seem to be well thought out. Like why is Ralph (Balthazar Getty), who is the only voice of morality and sympathy on the island, calling the fat kid Piggy like all the rest? And why does the ending seem to rushed?

Lord of the Flies will always be one of the best stories. The book is better than any adaptation will ever be, but the films are still fun to watch. I bought the DVD for pretty cheap, and couldn't see myself getting it for anything higher than what I paid. It is worth a viewing, but only by accident.
Its been so long sense I seen Lord of the Flies, I had to watch this movie multiple times in school, a long with reading the book. From what I remembered of the book, its a lot better, but I would like to read it again.

Lord of the Flies for those who do not already know, is about a group of young boys who crash and end up on a deserted island. The boys become savage with a few wanting to keep everything together. Seeing as I can't remember much of the book, I'm not sure exactly what to movie was trying do. I mean its just really simple, boys crash, boys split into two groups, group A wants order, group B wants fun or at least no rules. Group B torments group A until final, all chaos breaks loose when the final member of group A is hunted down. Now I could see this movie showing the primal nature of man, or how people might react in a treacherous situation. But I don't think its conveyed well enough in this movie.
I always that the original was screaming for an up to date remake as the literary source is amazing. However, after seeing this maybe remake shouldn't be made. It isnt a bad movie at all, it is actually pretty good. But it has lost its edge and doesnt seem so controversial or shocking.
Outstanding performance from the cast. The movie brings out the survival instincts in the viewers. Some scary and intense moments, but only worth a one-time viewing. 3/5
The Lord of the Flies (1990)
Starring - Balthazar Getty, Chris Furrh, Danuel Pipoly and Badgett Dale

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