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WOW! Talk about a blast from the past! I remember (thankfully) when this one was released in the theaters...
Awesome flick for the time. I may have to rewatch it to try and compare to some of the modern junk released today....
Marvelous Film, it was my first time seeing it and I found it to be beyond words!
will always be one of my favorite films.
After impressing me with his rave reviews, Adam convinced me to watch this one, a somewhat campy and surreal sci-fi film from the 70's. Set in the post-apocalyptic future where humans live out hedonistic lifestyles within the bubbled confines of a massive city, it portrays a society completely dependent on, and dominated by, technology and its manufactured pleasures.

Each stage of an individual's life is carefully monitored and dictated by the Computer: babies are incubated in motherless nurseries, children and teens are kept in line or else sent to the slums of Cathedral, adults indulge in sensuous pleasures before being funneled into Carousel at the age of 30, where they are officially "renewed" - given the chance to be reborn again. This radical form of population control, strictly enforced by an elite armed force known as the Sandmen, apparently isn't everyone's cup of tea, and that's where the fun begins.

The sets and costumes look straight out of Caesar's Palace in Vegas, which I guess isn't too far off conceptually. Citizens have free reign over sex, partying, etc. at the simple touch of a button. I was a little surprised at the amount of gratuitous nudity and sly references to homosexuality in the movie (it was, after all, rated PG). There's even a full-out orgy scene complete with naked bodies writhing in a drug-induced fog which the protagonists stumble through, since uhh apparently that's the only way they can escape from their pursuers.

Some of the scenes are reminiscent of earlier sci-fi pictures (the closing scene of the original "Planet of the Apes" comes to mind), while others foreshadow future fantasies (ie. refrigerated humans in "V: The Miniseries"). There's supposedly a remake being planned sometime soon, and I can imagine Hollywood going nutso over this one, upping the sex and violence factor and packing it with eye-popping digital effects. Which could be a good thing, or not.

I do think that some of the scenes could be clarified (what was that whole "Fish! Plankton! Sea greens!" part about anyway?). And the special effects WERE kinda cheesy and fake, but in a cool, nostalgic kind of way, like back then the audience was expected to use their imagination a bit more and go along with it, not like now where everything's spelled out in huge digitally overblown letters (I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks movie monsters were better before digital came along?). In any case, remake or no, it seems like a lot of current films are being compared to it ("Minority Report" comes to mind), so maybe it's time for a second look.
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Logan's Run

I coerced Ryan into renting this movie for me last night. It, and The Fifth Element are on the agenda for tonight. It has been a fair while since i have watched it, but I am looking forward to it. My Dad first sat me down with this movie when I was 14, and had to study it as part of a Sci-Fi writing course I was taking at the time. My review will be posted perhaps later tonight or tomorrow.

I love this movie, and Ryan didn't mind it, although he did take shots at the corny special effects a couple of times. I must say that I loved some of Jenny Auguter's lines, they were definitely hilarious. Ryan thinks that it is a very good example of 70's sci-fi if you are into that genre.
The special effects won't measure up to todays but this film was made in a time when special effects, pretty much didn't exsist, on the scale they do today. Today you can't make a film without a special effect. Some films these days have special effects and you don't even know it.

Back in the late 60's some wacked out of his mind, liberial, came up with some halfbaked theroy of, over population. this flooded the si-fi market with stories about, over population. This movie, as slow as it is, was one of the better offerings. There's also some theams here about blindly following a lie. like how Democrats followed, Bill Clinton or how people belive in evolution. Dated? Cheesy? sure but still a compelling story. A remake has been anounced.
Batman Begins- I'm really not a big batman fan. And even after seeing this film, I'm still not into it. But I usually see all comic book films anyways. So this one has been gathering attention all around. And for good reason too. While this is easily the best Batman movie, I comes close to becoming the best superhero movie. The only thing that I really didn't like is that this movie really doesn't feel like a comic book. Isn't that the point. But this one is much darker and deeper than any batman entry. Joel Schumacher really screwed up the series. Laughably bad castings for batman. George Clooney was terrible. Tim Burton's films are pretty good. They can be a bit Ludacris at times, but the main issue with those is that It's a Tim Burton movie, so It's kinda hard to take seriously.

I was pretty skepical about this film though. Christain Bale is a good actor, but he's never been in a production like this. Christopher Nolan is a great director, but he's also new to such a big-budget film (as he's directed more low-buget fares) I was also worried about David S Goyer. He's just a medicore screenwriter, and the scriptwriting for the blade movie has been just so-so. But overall, this is a fantastic film, one that I'll need to see again, maybe to fully appreciate. *2 Nolan films viewed

It's been awhile since I've seen these two
Do the Right Thing- Spike Lee's controversial flick involing racial tensions in a Brooklyn neighborhood. The story revolving around blacks who become involved in a race riot outside an italian pizza parlor. This happening on a hot day, eventually leads to a full-scale riot. There's a full array of characters here. The rito scenes was intense, but It's hard to make a film like this without coming off as anti-white or being too excessive. It's still a great film, one that'll envoke thought in the viewer. *3 Lee films viewed

Logan's Run- Good set design and a somwhat interesting story make up for weak acting and underdeveloped characters. So-so movie.
This movie was great, it was pretty ahead of it's time it seems with all of the movies of it's type these days. My favorite part was when Logan ventures out into the world and we see Washington D.C. looking like ancient ruins. Check it out if you liked The Island or the book Brave New World
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