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Nothing's as big as your first love.

Little Manhattan is a cute and charming film that puts low-level self-proclaimed romantic comedies to shame.
I sure don't undertand the appeal of this film. It starts out with kids grossly throwing up on each other aka The Exorcist, and doesn't improve too much. Just didn't get it. It did have a decent score and some fine NYC footage, but I found it obnoxious for the most part.
Yep, that's how it was, at age eleven!
It is exremely dangerous to have a child do voice over through the move but it works because well it is extremely well done. I dont really find the kids to be that believable but i thought iy was written and acted good enough to make me accept the movie.
What a sweet movie. It about the heartbreaking first love we all experience. I shed a tear when he told her that he hated her on the phone. The innocent love that the little boy had was beautiful. The shots of NYC were another reason why I loved this film. It's a really good movie for kids and adults.

Little Manhattan

This movie was recommended to me. So I checked it out. And I am glad I did. A story about fist love in the "Big Apple". If you have ever remember your fist love. Then go see this one. I think you'll enjoy it.
Staring Josh Hutcherson and Charlie Ray. Also co-staring Cynthia Nixon and Bradley Whitford.

Howl's Moving Castle

If your into anime then this is good one. But if your looking for story behind the anime. Not this one. I had a hard time with this one. It didn't seem to flow. It just seemed to jump around, no focus. Maybe it was because it was a Japanese movie dubbed into English. With all the prettiness. It seem flat and lifeless.
Could have been better.
Donna A.
Come on, why is this getting such positive reviews? I saw this on a plane in December, and wow what a piece of crap. It looked kinda weird when they showed the trailer, an odd romance between to kids who haven't hit puberty yet.
I hated the karate scenes. They were stupid, unfunny, and the Chinese guy that was in the boy's mind helping him out? wtf? And that one scene where he knocks the girl down and there just staring at each other, I thought I was about to witness something illegal.
Then there's the "trouble at home" cliche that works it's way into every kids movie just so there can be something to resolve itself into a good ending. I did not care for one second about the parents fighting or what the kid thought of it.
Now on to the romance. I was freaked out and was more uncomfortable sitting next to my mom then I was watching "History of Violence". It seems like you're some pedophile spying on these 2 kids who may or may not be in love. The one scene where they're at the jazz club and he holds her hand just annoyed the crap out of me. I was also sick of cliche #482 with the boy nararrating the whole story, saying his feelings instead of giving the viewer a chance to figure them out.
I urge you to avoid this, parents and kids alike - parents might think it's cute but a little weird, and even with the PG rating, it's not really a kids movie. I don't understand the good reviews for this, please avoid this cliche-ridden "romance" that never redeems itself right up until the soppy ending.

Little Manhattan
Little Manhattan (2005): 7/10

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