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Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch 2005

A malfunction threatens to destroy Stitch and his friendship with Lilo...

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Without a scratch. Dagger has survived her visit. I'm sure I scared her on more than one occasion (though it's never intentional, I'm just a big goofball), but all in all, she was never in danger or harm's way, and will undoubtedly return shortly to tell everyone how crazy we are at Casa de la Hankster.

Just an FYI - If she mentions something damning, she's lying. ;)
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:fresh: Lilo and Stitch... loved it.
:rotten: Stitch: The Movie... mediocre at best.
:fresh: Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch... loved it.

L&S fans shouldn't assume L&S2 sucks just because of Stitch: The Movie. It's actually very nice.

Lilo & Stich 2: Stitch has a Glitch
Alright, I said movies and I ment movie. This was the other movie that we got this weekend that we watched. And yes you guessed it we watched it with this children. I did enjoy the first movie. It wasn't as good as say, The Emperers New Groove but it wasn't bad. They had Elvis songs in it.

This one though, played far to much into the TV show. But then since it was a direct to Video movie...what could I expect. Seems that Disney does this alot. They put a good quality movie out to get peoples interest then they lower their standards and expectations on sequals that don't make it to the theaters.

The biggest glitch I found in the movie was the story. here's the jist of it....When stitch was created, the evil doctor was in the middle of "charging" his creation, when the cops showed up. Because of this stitch wasn't molecularly stable. This charging is was made him a truely dangerous creature. So here we are on earth and stitch is running out of juice. So, as his juice gets lower he glitches and gets badder? shouldn't it be the other way around? The more amped with power he gets the more dangerous and "badder" he would become?

I think I'm WAY over analyzing a kids flick. I'm out of here.
I had hope for this sequal. From everything I had seen in the trailers the animation looked up to par with the original and the story seemed quite interesting. So when I finally did watch it I was disapointed that it was so slow. It had some funny moments, but the story seemed to crawl along.

The animation, as I said, looks great. It's theater quality or close to it. There was nothing spectacular about the soundtrack. In fact all I remember were a couple Elvis songs that popped up every now and then. The characters were pretty much the same as they were in the first. Pleekly was more odd than in the first. :/
The general theme was love conquers all, and as I said before, the story was slow. I think the movie was too long. They could have easily cut a half hour out of the movie and it still might have been too slow. The only thing that kept it afloat were the times when Stitch would glitch and those were few and far between it seemed like.

Overall it was ok, it's not the worst dtv I've seen, but it's definitely not one of the best. This one would be a good for an avid Lilo and Stitch fan, but I wouldn't recommend buying it.
After watching the first installment of Lilo & Stitch - which is a brilliantly made movie in all aspects - I was expecting something which atleast will meet the standards. Unfortunately this was an utter dissapointment to the expectations that Lilo & Stitch set. The first one even though will appeal to kids, had a serious plot with no nonsense sci-fi elements into it. This one however, goes back to those of Disney's movies that are aimed for baby sitting 2 year olds - and has no other content in it. Not my type.
Lilo and Stitch was good, this film was made ONLY to begin a series, and it wasn't good. It started a series that I didn't like at all! This movie had lame jokes and you have no sympathy.
Even more childish than the original, Stitch has a Glitch promises much by showing some great scenes of destruction, but also adds a story that only gets interesting at the end, and a way of alienating most adults from being entertained.
It has a few good moments, and it has great animation, but the rest of the film is pure straight-to-video material that you'd expect from Disney, which is not exactly a good thing. Fans of the first may want to try it out, but everyone else should only see it if they have nothing else to do.
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