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Life or Something Like It 2002

A reporter interviews a psychic, who tells her that she's going to die and her life is meaningless...

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Imdb rating: 5.8



Life or somthing like it is one of Angelina Jolie's lesser acknowledged roles, but I think she is quite good in it.
Jolie stars as a sophisticated, determined, and rather vain news anchorwoman at a local news station in Seattle, whose life is perfect. She is rich, has a great apartment and a sports-star boyfriend, but when a homeless psychic tells her she has only a week to live then her life turns kinda upside down.

Life or somthing like it, is a rather sweet film which carries a rather potent message about life which is represented well by Jolie. The whole concept of wakinng up and smelling the roses, and getting whats really important out of life is the key theme of this movie.

Even though Jolie's "love to hate" character tries to stick to that theme, it's not realy supported by anthing else though and the movie really becomes to contrived to really make it's message have much of a strong impact.

The idea for the film is a clever one, but this romantic comedy dosn't really have a lot of comedy or romance. The gags could'nt necessarily be called gags, and don't really make you laugh, your not even sure if it's supppossed to. I also found Edward Burn's to be an awful feature to this film. It's not a very good bit of casting and him and Jolie's don't really have any chemistry and it's hard to beleive that the character's could get romantically involved.

Overall an original idea with a good message and appealing performance from Jolie. however the message is lost in the predictability of the story and altogether it falls kinda flat!
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