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Life as We Know It 2010

Two single adults become caregivers to an orphaned girl when their mutual best friends die in an accident...

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Solar rating:7.5


Imdb rating:6.5

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eh...only looks good for people who enjoy cuteness and family friendly movies..looks ok but not my cup of tea lol i love josh duhamel though so idk...
Awwww cute movie and that baby is soooo adorable x
This was a great movie I never noticed how good looking Josh Duhamel is.
it's a 7/10
i would be hard pressed to choose between Josh Duhamel and Josh Lucas. Don't know haw Katherine Heigl did it ;)
i enjoyed watching this movie it was great 9/10
great movie :) friends that have turned into a couple will enjoy this one :)
If you don't know what to watch, watch this movie, it simple and cute... :)))
@Darthintrepid uh huh, I know exactly what you mean ... I had to hurry up and find an interesting horror flick after that hahahah ... but yeah, Im like you every now and then I do like a good girlie movie but not too overly done and this just happen to be a perfect one!
Thanks for slapping that big pink warning label on here. ;)
(every once in a while, I (shhhh) actually watch stuff like this, but right after, I get my hammer and impact driver and find a way to use them in some manly fashion. OR, find a movie with lots of explosions and gunfire...)
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