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Lie with Me 2005

An outgoing, sexually aggressive young woman meets and begins a torrid affair with an equally aggressive young man in which their affair begins to bring a strain on their personal lives...

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Imdb rating: 5.5

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I believe it's not even worth skimming through. I agree it's just like soft-core porn, just to bland and uneventful.
"My only issue was that I thought there was a little too much sex in the film, and not quite enough dialogue between Balfour and Smith." Same here. And the part when Leila just stood there watching David get the towel for his dad was also kinda weird. Who is going to just stand there staring like that? lol.
Pretty good, artsy film. If you want sex in a movie, and a movie that actually MEANS something, check this out instead of 50 Shades.
Soft-core porn
someone called this romantic?????? honestly, i've seen sexier films from the victorian era. this was an unrealistic sexual film. I was waiting for a mr. goodbar ending. c r a z y
Good movie, two people on different pages of life .........
Completely real sex in this movie, so if you can get past that, this really is a good movie. It fits into that indie film genre feel of young couples and love and so on. The thing that is nice about it is it is very emotional, rather than hardcore. The love scenes, while explicit, are done very sensual and imo, tasteful. Again, this is very NC-17 borderline porn. But, it's nice.

I recognize the main guy from the show 24, a few seasons. He did a great job in this part.
Eric Balfour plays David in this film. I got the reference tho. lolI enjoy everything he has done. Immensely!
Haven (TV Series) he is (Duke Crocker). Yes he is yummy!
Yes I loved this movie it was beautiful! First time I watched it was in Spanish, and I knew exactly what was going on. NO Problem! Their relationship was INTENSE and erotically beautiful in every way. Did ot need no stinking subtitles. lol
I give it an 11/10. Brilliant film. Lovely. Cheers...
WOW!!! This surprised me by the realistic emotions and sex scenes and everyday life.... it was refreshing. I recommend this for any romantic, and the sex scenes though GRAPHIC, done with class. CHEERS!! :)
Duke is fine,,omg- so much happened with so little words.
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