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Legend 1985

A young man must stop the Lord of Darkness from both destroying daylight and marrying the woman he loves...

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Solar rating:8.5


Imdb rating:6.5



Best adaptation of zelda ever. Oh wait what? Zelda was influenced by this film? You dont say....

This is the only zelda film Ill ever need. Cause its the OG sh!t.
Only one of my favourite childhood movies. You get lost in the magical world. Tim Curry as Darkness has got to be the best Devil I have ever seen, his performance was brilliant. Of course I can say that now I didn't like that character as a kid lol. If you haven't seen this give it a watch, it won't disappoint. 8.5/10
What an awesome movie! This is hands down one of the greatest fantasy movies ever made.
With gorgeous sets, and excellently detailed costumes, it is visually stunning. It takes itself seriously, and with a confidence that doesn't stutter or stagger.
The performances are on par with the characters they represent, even delivering some of the over-the-top lines with a gusto that is to be expected.
It is predictable and formulaic, as it should be. It is a tale told well, and delivered at a pace that it should be. There are no major mysteries of life answered here, just good, old fashioned story telling done right.
Tom Cruise may star in the lead as the hero, but it is every one else that brings this movie together, including Tim Curry's performance as Darkness.

Definitely a keeper. This is a great candidate for a special BluRay release.
such a great movie for its age. I love how detailed they were with the costumes and make-up. CG just doesn't cut it for me. It just doesn't look nearly as good as an actor in full costume.
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