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Another of the great David Lean masterpieces. What a great director 10/10
My sister and I thought lets watch Lawrence of Arabia. The critics LOVE it. BIG mistake. Both of us feel asleep before the STUPID sun was up. If you watch the director's cut you know what I am talking about. I have try no fewer then 5 time to watch this but have failed. I will put this in the pile with English Patient. :rotten:

Flamboyant soldier.
Dreams. Unites desert Arabs.
Brilliance alters War.

Probably one of the top 10 best epic films ever created.
Having some down time this weekend allowed me to not only not study for my AP exams next week but to watch a few really good movies, the first of which being 1999's American Beauty. Directed by Oscar-winning (for this film actually) Sam Mendes, American Beauty is a tragically funny and darkly satirical examination of family life in modern times.Wonderfully acted, cleanly shot, and well-edited, the film never loses ground and maintains a quick pace throughout. Kevin Spacey's performance as a middle-aged father, husband, and lost soul in suburbia is just magnificent. This is some of his best work, perhaps better than L.A. Confidential. Annette Benning gives the best performance I've seen her give as a suburban housewife from hell who is focused on success (there's a truly chilling scene in which she, a real-estate agent, fails to sell a house and subsequently breaks down). The interaction between Spacey and Benning is incredible and it's just one of the many good things about the film. Mena Suvari and Chris Cooper are mention-worthy in their supporting roles. If you like good satire and can appreciate an amazing cast, then check out American Beauty. It's certainly worth it.

The other film which I watched (well, finished) was the ever-epic Lawrence of Arabia, made in 1962 and directed by David Lean. The film is about an English general (Peter O'Toole) who, in World War I, worked with an Arabian prince (Alec Guiness) to lead an Arab revolt against the oppressive Turks. The real T.S. Lawrence is a well-known figure and Peter O'Toole's portrayal is complex and inspired. I knew a lot of people who loved this film before going into it, so I was expecting it to be good and it was. The only problem is length - it is borderline impossible to watch in one sitting. I found that the movie didn't do a good enough job of keeping my attention to garner a one-sitting viewing. That said, it's a very well-made film and it has garnered the name "classic" for a good reason. If you haven't seen Lawrence of Arabia, then you probably should. It's truly an excellent film.
Detail journal coming up soon!

Score: 10/10
Lawrence of Arabia is a epic adventure and biopic that has been held in high regard for 46 years by critics and the American Film Assosciation and the proof lies in its rank: #5 out of 100 and #1 in the Adventure Category of AFI's Top 10 Top 10 two Sundays ago. The epic of all epics, Lawrence of Arabia cements director David Lean's status in the filmmaking pantheon with nearly four hours of grand scope, brilliant performances, and beautiful cinematography. It felt right to review this after David Lean's third biopic Doctor Zhivago. This film was released five years after his first, which was Bridge on the River Kwai (1957). It took three years of pre-production and one year of filming and one year of convincing the MPAA to distribute it not just nationwide, but world-wide. It paid off tremendously, given the enormous appeal of Peter O'Toole in the title role and its transcending and virtually unknown story. This is one of the must-own DVD's, especially the 1995 version packed with 4 hours of bonus features and four documentaries, is to be already in or bought in haste for your collection, because you'd be missing out on one of the classics of cinema.

Lawrence of Arabia chronicles the saga of Lawrence, who began his journey working on the staff of British Intelligence in Cairo in 1916, a man who lived with Pride for his mother country and disdain towards the Turks. Lawrence's fluency in Arabic and loyalty earns him a post on a mission sent to establish contact with Prince Feisal (Alec Guinness), leader of the Arab revolt and ally of the British against the German-sponsored Turks in WWI. His friend Ali (a memorable Omar Sharif) meets him traveling to visit the Prince, and nearly kills him over a water hole. Throughout his life he sees Ali grow from a selfish tribesman into a loyal and trustworthy companion. After time spent together evading the Germans and Turks and discussing the conflict's outcomes, the Prince is impressed by Lawrence's knowledge of their culture so he allows the young officer to join his staff, and Lawrence quickly earns the Arabs' respect after he executes acts of extraordinary heroism. One such act was launching a raid onto a supply train, and it is one of the most thrilling adventure scenes ever filmed, right behind the camp attack 30 minutes in. As the Englishman's genius for guerrilla warfare becomes evident, he assumes the role of de facto leader of the Arab revolt, uniting the warring tribes into a devastatingly effective weapon. But the chaos of war also unleashes the repressed officer's powerful need for self-abasement and mortification of the flesh. The film is an extraordinary adventure experience that leaves you spellbound with the struggle between two powerful forces: the Arabian deserts, immense, ever-shifting, punishing; and T.E. Lawrence, prideful, loyal, heroic, enigmatic, mad and lastly humble as a monk. Peter O' Toole creates a character of deep complexity and shining charisma that never fades for the 4-hour running length. His goals and his achievements are held in high regard by the Arabs and British, for the better part of his life he was a enigmatic leader in war and politics until his exile to England. His hedonistic impulses ultimately drives him into exile as a monk, terrified of himself and with having to control his desires. Later in his life, he suddenly dies from an accident. He has an amazing array of people show up for his funeral. It seems his was admired when he was alive but adored and cherished in death.

The music and cinematography is timeless, giving you the sense of wonder that comes from crossing the desert and the danger that presents itself in the neverending seductive beauty of its enormity. LAWRENCE OF ARABIA fuses the conflict of man against man, man against nature, and man against himself into a sublime poem of force. This is undoubtedly David Lean's masterpiece, and is the epic of all epics, the example by which all other epics are judged by in quality. Be ready for more Critiques and Opinions on Every Game and Movie I Can Get My Hands On!
Classics are so far from ageless. I couldn't help but notice how much better acting has gotten in 40 years. This was a vague and strange plot that really didn't entertain or intrigue me at all.
Too Damn forien to be a hollywood movie, but too Damn good to be anthing else.
Lawrence of Arabia
Great adventure, amazing character depth.
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