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Last Holiday 2006

After she's diagnosed with a terminal illness, a shy woman decides to take a European vacation...

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Imdb rating: 6.3



Wow, I actually really enjoyed this movie! It's not something to sweep the oscars, but it is charming. Queen Latifah is amazing, and the movie's message is heart-warming.

Thinking she has 3 weeks to live, Queen Latifah pulls out her Book of Possibilities and desides to make them realities by going to a luxurious hotel in Europe. At the hotel there are many celebrities of sorts, the Senator of her home state, store-owners, etc. Everyone is amazed by Latifah and wants to know what she does. Eventually she wins the heart of everyone with her charm and good advice.

The acting was surprisingly well. The script, good. But the thing that really makes this movie so fun is the message. By simply being blunt and living like every day was her last Queen Latifah is able to captivate all the important people that work and stay at the hotel, as well as the audience. The movie also touches on the little things in life that we think are so important but really aren't. After being informed she has 3 weeks to live, Queen thinks about all the time she should have talked to the cute man she works with, the food she should have ate, the things she should have done, and the experiences she should have had.

Everyone can relate to this film, and can learn something from it.

Directed by Wayne Wang
GA (for some sexual dialogue.)
112 min.
Last Holiday, Queen Latifah's new vehicle had some serious potential but it just ended up being sub-par. The Latifah character was sweet and sincere, and her romance with LL Cool J was great, but the film just got bogged down with too many cheezy moments and gags.
The movie was bland but sweet. Everything she did for her life knowing she'd die is what we all wish we could do on a regular basis, but the moment lacked humor except for Queen Latifah. If she hadn't been in the film I don't think it would've done as well as it did.
Last Holiday: Starring the Queen Latifah. The plot is about the Queen's fantasy coming true with wealth, cooking, and the man of her dreams (played by LL Cool J). The two meet and a health problem occours and the injured person runs off to live life on the edge before their time comes to die. (I'm sure you can guess how this ends). The story has been beaten with a stick over and over. The plot is nothing new, nor is how they performed it this time. This is strictly an old story told no better than average. Which also for having a comedy spin to the advertisment of the film it wasn't very funny at all.

Advice: Some fan's of the Queen may be amuzed, but most won't be. My advice go poke the ground with a stick instead of watching this film. Better yet, remeber when friends drag you to see a movie and the movie sounds really dumb! Make sure you skip out.
The best movies that I've seen in a long time....The Queen did an extraordinary acting job as did LL Cool J. This movie makes you realize that you must live each day as though it was your last and don't wait for the future because the future is not promised. The scenery was beautiful....makes me ready to TRAVEL....
This was a very cute movie. My friend and I both enjoyed it! There were a lot of laughs, in addition to the heart tugging scenes.

Queen L. was fabulous. This movie is going to propel her into another level on her career ladder. She is amazing and shows it in this movie.
I was really surprised by this movie, I went to the theater with a yippie more crap attitude and was eventually came to a conclusion that this was a good movie. Queen Latifah is really effective as the lead and LL Cool J is great also. The movie starts off with Queen Latifah finding out that she has a rare brain tumor and is going to die ( keep in mind the cat scan machine was bought used.). She gets all her money together from her saveings and what her mother left her and flies to a fancy foreign hotel. At the hotel she lives up her life with fancy foods, base jumping, and even helping out the chef prepare a meal. Meanwhile LL Cool J starts to wonder what happened to her, he doesn't know she is out of country and so he begins a long mean journey to find her along the way there are avalaunches and annoying passengers on the plane, things get pretty funny on the journey. I normally would stick this in the stupid movies section if i hadn't watched it, so give it a watch you might like it.
Last Holiday focuses on a woman (Queen Latifah) who finds out she has 3 weeks left to live and goes on to make the best of those 3 weeks by going to the Hotel Pupp. she along the way encounters the likes of senators and a jealous congressman.

movie was overall good. death just is a very depressing topic, but Last Holiday makes it as fun as possible.

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Queen Latifah shines in this movie
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