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Lake Placid 1999

A group attempts to destroy a giant, 30-foot-long man-eating crocodile, which terrorizes Black Lake, Maine...

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Imdb rating: 5.6

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@c-beams There's also Lake Placid 2; Lake Placid 3; and Lake Placid: The Final Chapter. If you like this, check out "Tremors." Just silly creature features - I love them!
A really good creature feature. 8.5/10
Great cast, typical story but funny. Good croc effects.
I can't believe I waited so long. Well worth a watch.
@literati thanks again :)
Surprisingly un-bad for a crododile-in-Maine cheezy creature flick.
I cant remember how many times i've watched this one either but i think its about time for another. Its not spectacular but like anaconda brings on the nostalgia for me. 6.5/10
my god remember begging my parents to let me watch this on a school night
What happens when a man-eating crocodile begins picking off tourists in beautiful Lake Placid? What if the crocodile wants to make it his home?
Starring: Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, Oliver Platt, Brendan Gleeson, and Betty White.
Directed by Steve Miner.
Written by David E. Kelley.
Rated R (for violent creature attacks and related gore, and for language).
Running time approximately 1 hour 22 minutes.

Yeah, okay, it's lame. We get it. Now can we please move on to something that's more straightforward about its premise than this goofy, horror schlock! I get so sick of horror films made by people who realize just how bad their ideas are, so they try to make them into a self-satire. The only bright spots are Oliver Platt as the crazy croc hunter, and Brendan Gleeson as the sheriff. Their scenes together made my day. Other than that, it's a completely dull and passable thriller. ** (out of ****) C
i loved it when the golden girl started curseing..hehe :)

It's been a while since i've seen this film. But i do remember it being pretty good. It's Great Bloody Fun. I would give it a 10, but there was a few stuff i didn't like in it.
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