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Kung Fu Panda 2008

In the Valley of Peace, Po the Panda finds himself chosen as the Dragon Warrior despite the fact that he is obese and a complete novice at martial arts...

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Imdb rating:7.6

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"Wow this film is going to be a rush "
Kung Fu Panda was a true delight to watch. The comedy, action, and story all blended very well together to create a piece of fun filmography. There was hardly one moment in the movie where you would feel bored or unentertained. The cast of voice actors all did a very good job and altogether created a dish of humor. The story was not at all boring and actually keeps the audience watching. This film is for all people who love Kung Fu and outrageous comedy. If this film doesn't satisfy your needs for entertainment, then you're probably a very boring person to begin with.
funny and well made. entertained adult and well as child.
Another over blown, we've seen it all before animation pic from dream works. This movie was tedious and boring. Ok I realize the target audience is children, but give me a break... kung fu panda? couldn't they have come up with a better idea than this. The thing that was good about this movie was it was just under an hour and a half. Thank-you dream works for throwing more money into a gigantic pile of garbage
The sorti of actors lead by Jack Black did a marvelous comedic justice to this piece. The combination of action/adventure and perfectly timed slow motion takes with Black's humorous one liners make this an outstanding family film.
Having expected a kids film, it's pleasing to be shown an animated comedy that's fun for the whole family.
DreamWorks has finally made a great animated movie. In no ways does it have Sherk's pop-culture humor appeal or Seinfeld's Bee Movie dialogue disaster... No, Kung Fu Panda has something more. It has, in a ways, a Pixar feel. I know that Pixar ( the angles of the animated world) did not creat Kung Fu Panda, but it almost resembles their touch to the creative side of things - I think that DreamWorks has finally given in to creativity and not for "just to make money" rutine. A great summer film, and of the year by all accounts. Grade A
I really enjoy well-done animated films, and this is the best I've seen in a long time. Although I generally prefer traditional animation, the CG here is flawless, and has set a new standard.

The film has just enough ingredients to make kids love it, and just enough spunk to make kids-at-heart - those who remember the fun of being a kid, rather than those with their heads stuck in the pretentious clouds of adulthood - adore it. A wonderful experience. A complete riot.
I loved the movie! It was so fresh, and it was funny. What can i say, it was just a fun night. I highly recommend seeing this movie

"...I loved this movie. I admit, I am a bit biased coming from a background in cartooning with an appreciation for the art of animation and its storytelling possibilities. I do prefer 2D "flat" animation like the oldskool Disney films, but I also enjoy 3D animation, and Panda is a supreme example of why I love cartoons. From the awesome 2D intro to the 3D animation to the storybook art in the end credits, Kung Fu Panda is a delight to watch.

It's the story that matters the most anyway, and the packaging is the entertainment value of plot points, drama, laughs, visual flair, and so on. Kung Fu Panda may not do anything new in regards to animation, but who cares? I'm not looking for the next great technology when I see a movie; I just want to see an entertaining film with a good story. In this case, we've got both. And whether or not you've seen this underdog story a million times before, Kung Fu Panda is a fresh and satisfying retelling.

Not to mention the film is full of vibrant color and amazingly detailed Chinese landscapes thanks to some kung-fu inspired art direction. We're also treated to sprawling, frenetic fight scenes throughout, brilliantly choreographed and taking advantage of the animated medium. This combination of eye candy and action-packed kung fu fighting provides some memorable scenes like a heart-pumping face-off between the Furious Five and the big villain, Tai Lung; a clever little battle over some dumplings between Po and Master Shifu using only chopsticks is sure to have you cheering for Po...."

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