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Really cool and fun movie! 8/10 from me
i did not like it! personal opinion....

See that road over there just sort of slapped onto the side of that mountain? Yeah. That's the road we were on. And let me tell you, this picture doesn't do it justice. It was like we really weren't supposed to be there, like we were on a different plantet or something.

So anyway, we got to the theatre, sat down, and watched Knocked Up happily. Everyone was 100% gold in the movie. There were laughs everywhere and there were several scenes where I was in shock with how real it seemed to be. It was like documentary real. The story was good, but the way it was acted was better.

I debated over giving the movie a 9 rating just because it's not completely perfect. There are one or two scenes that I wasn't particularly a HUGE fan of because I felt like I was watching something I had seen 90 times before...

Don't read this part (skip the next paragraph) if you haven't seen the movie but...

An example of what I'm saying here is the birth of the baby. All the dialogue while she was having the baby seemed to be just mechanically repeated from every other portrayal of that.

Resume reading if you haven't seen the movie...

But the movie convinced me to hand it the 10. I think if I could use a decimal scale, a 9.5 is the most accurate rating I can give it. now you want some Halloween news? Alright then. I'm starting a new game up there in the sticky entry. It's not movie related, but definitely Halloween related. Look for that tonight. That's all for now.
My girly got a pair of advanced screening tickets for Knocked Up, I had been looking forward to this movie since I saw the trailer a long while back. And when she surprised me with them, I have been giddy with glee. Glee I haven't felt for something since I was seven and it was the night before Christmas Eve (we open almost all of our presents on christmas eve, and then "Santa's Present" (i.e. the biggest/most expensive present) on Christmas morning. And tonight at the pinnacle of my excitement I was overwhelmed with great, full bellied laughter.

Anyways, back to my point. This movie is directed and created by the same guys who did 40 Year Old Virgin. I loved that movie, it was fantastic. And going in (as giddy as I was) I didn't except the movie to be as good as 40 Year Old Virgin. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the movie, not only met the hilarity of its predecessor, it was tenfold better.

I won't go into all the details of the movie, I will just tell you, that the movie was phenomenal. The laughs can be found throughout the movie, not only in the beginning and middle. And although the movie's subject IS serious, and the movie has its serious points, the way the movie is written and filmed you just find yourself engulfed in its story and its mood, and the characters. You find yourself enthralled, enraptured by what's unfolding before your very eyes that you don't notice the subtle shifts as the movie moves from funny to serious back to a little funny but with the serious undercurrent so prevalent. The subject of this movie is so real, the problems the characters face are equally as believable and the depth of those characters feels just as authentic. It is because you, as the viewer, can relate to the very reality that these characters are going through. These characters and their plight, or plights as it were, is so tangible that you feel like you are a part of the movie. It doesn't just make you feel empathy for the characters, it demands it of you.

It is inspiring, honestly inspiring that the writer(s) and director can create such believable characters. I, as a writer, envy them that ability and at the same time I applaud everyone who helped create this movie. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, 10/10, 5/5, Ripe Tomato, whatever your preference may be, GO SEE THIS MOVIE IT COMES OUT JUNE 1ST!
RATING (0 to ****): **

After "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" earned rave reviews from critics and smashed the box office, you'd completely expect them to try out the same formula again. Therefore, this time it's not about a middle-aged guy who's never had sex, but as its very subtle title would imply, it's about a rather young guy who does have sex and gets a girl...

Okay, you know what? She's knocked up. You get the point.

Like another recent comedic disappointment, "Blades of Glory", "Knocked Up" is that depressing sequel that keeps reminding us about how much better its predecessor was. Okay, technically it's not a sequel, but you've seen the trailers and know they tried to make it as close to being a sequel as humanly possible.

We've got the same gang of friends, except they don't work at a SmartTech. They're just as immature, but their chief occupation is smoking pot and starting up a website that tells you exactly when nude scenes appear in movies. Moreover, while you couldn't say the ramblings in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" weren't self-indulgent, at least they were funny about it most of the time. In "Knocked Up", it's almost as if the actors used dummy lines that would be replaced with funnier ones in reshoots that never happened.

A good combination of that, and like hearing a bunch of 13-year-olds chatter about drugs and sex, almost as if in imitation of- yes, that movie again.

While it's a crucial plot point, "Knocked Up" further proves my theory that unfunny sex comedies cut straight to the sex, while funny comedies will abruptly stop their happening. We get several sex scenes in here- might be nice for some people, though I'm sure that isn't really compensation for the dead silence you have for the rest of the time.

I can only say I laughed hard twice. The first one was the "fetch" joke in the trailers. The other one would have been worth recommending if it weren't at the end of the movie, and if the movie didn't run a ridiculously long 124 minutes. Even if you do watch a lot of movies, there's no reason you should waste $9 and that chunk of your life just for a couple of big laughs.

MPAA: R (sexual content, drug use and language)
Runtime: 2 hours, 8 minutes (124 minutes of "real movie", with two end credits sequences)

Can I get a second opinion?

The other people in the advance screening I went to, judging by the laughter in the audience, seemed to really enjoy it. I can't help but think, however, that they were just being nice to the movie because this screening was free.

Critical reaction is overwhelmingly positive, with a Tomatometer around 90% and only 7 "rotten" reviews.
So after 9 months (wow - no pun intended) of living in New York, today I discovered that there really are a few theaters that have matinees. I found out this marvelous fact by going to see this film at 11:45 a.m., a perfectly uncivilized hour for any true New Yorker, but it works for me. Only $6!!!
Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) celebrates her promotion at E! Entertainment Television by going clubbing with her sister, Debbie (Leslie Mann). She gets wicked drunk and invites Ben (Seth Rogen) back to her place, which happens to be her sister's poolhouse, in true southern California fashion. They have unprotected sex and - bingo - 8 weeks later, morning sickness gives away the big secret of the film: she's pregnant. Alison decides to keep the baby, and also to try to develop a relationship with its father, a marijuana-loving slacker who has never held a real job. Still, she thinks he's cute, and total incompatibility never seems to hinder movie romances. Luckily for them, they have nine months to work out the various ups and downs. Just to add more sunshine to the sky, Paul Rudd is here and is adorable as Debbie's devoted husband Pete.
I am clearly not a fan of writer-director Judd Apatow's previous foray into film, "The 40-year-old Virgin". In fact, I only went to see this one today because A.O. Scott gave it a positively glowing review. The film wasn't bad, but it was uneven. There were plenty of very funny scenes, full of wisecracks, in jokes, one-liners, and biting humor. This film was also very frank with human reproduction. Having been present at a delivery as part of my first year of medical school, I greatly appreciated all the little details that this film got right about pregnancy and birth, in contrast to the crap that most films and TV shows dish out. However, at the same time, this film fell into some of the most classic Hollywood clich
Knocked Up
RT Rating: 92%

Most 20+ singles have one night stands, but its the relisation of the consequences of what if you got her, knocked up. How would you deal with it? Its handled wonderfully here and the message is strong and fantastic. Even though these characters are well into there 20's, they still have so much growing up to do..everyone in the cast, the characters, its about growing up in life. Also, is the awkwardness of first dates, the consequences of sex and alcohol, and also every average looking guys dream to end up with a girl who is stunning and having her actually fall in love with you,there are so many things to relate to..these characters are extreame but their situations are real. The film is just so complete, your having hilarious moment were I spat out my drink, moments were I loved and cared for the charcters, moments were you were just in joy, and some adorable little cast mates.. its just such a complete movie. With cameo's by Ryan Seacrest, Steve Carrel and countless others, Knocked Up is the comedy classic of 2007 and the first A+ for me of the year.
:D June 1, 2007: Opening Day

Allison Scott (Heigl) is an up-and-coming entertainment journalist whose 24-year-old life is on the fast track. But it gets seriously derailed when a drunken one-nighter with slacker Ben Stone (Rogen) results in an unwanted pregnancy. Faced with the prospect of going it alone or getting to know the baby's father, Allison decides to give the lovable doof a chance. An overgrown kid who has no desire to settle down, Ben learns that he has a big decision to make with his kid's mom-to-be: will he hit the road or stay in the picture? Courting a woman you've just Knocked Up, however, proves to be a little difficult when the two try their hands at dating. As they discover more about one another, it becomes painfully obvious that they're not the soul mates they'd hoped they might be. With Allison's harried sister Debbie (Mann) and hen-pecked brother-in-law Pete (Rudd) the only parenting role models the young lovers have, things get even more confusing. Should they raise the baby together? What makes a happy lifetime partnership after all? A couple of drinks and one wild night later, they've got nine confusing months to figure it out.

My Review: After reading all the reviews and seeing that everyone LOVED this movie, we decided to go even though it was never our intent to see this one in the theatre. Since we already knew the premise, I thought the first 30 minutes went a bit slow and was anxious to get moving to see what was going to happen. I didn't care for the Catherine Heigl character much at first, nor any of them actually, but as the story unfolded, you began to connect with all of them especially Seth Rogan. Despite the prolific profanity throughout, you begin to cheer for all of the characters and you want everything to work out. This turns out to be a very unlikely romantic comedy.
Really vulgar, abusive language (the F--- word repeated so many times that it became totally annoying), pornographic and totally in the gutter. One part was so porno-like that I literally left the theater.

I don't see how Ms. Heigl signed up for this part; she must have been desperate. There was more than one scene where she was being verbally abused in a horrible fashion.

What's so damn funny about a bunch of men sitting around smoking pot and getting nothing done?

Any moments of humor were totally destroyed by the ensuing locker room humor. Shooting the bird at the mother of your child is really going too far no matter how mad you are. I can't believe we've sunk this low. The director must be some kind of an idiot. Bye bye civilization.

Overall, this is first great comedy of 2007. It is very well written. The cast is excellent. And director Judd Apatow can finally place himself among some of the best comedic geniuses in Hollywood. So, if you have enjoyed comedies such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman, Wedding Crashers, or any other Judd Apatow creations, then you will definately enjoy Knocked Up. This is definately one of the best movies of the year & easily one of the funniest movies to come out in the past decade. PEACE OUT!!! & LET'S GO PISTONS!!! BEAT those Cavs!!!
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