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Hands down one of the best dark comedies of all time. That blooper reel at the end is just icing on the cake too, lol.
Pretty good. I've never heard of this movie until I was watching ******** ****.com on Youtube. They were doing some top 10 list of movies that never got around but were worth a watch and they had mentioned this movie as one of them, and they were right. I like watching RDJ in movies (Not just the Marvel) not to mention Val, so I decided to give this a go.
A good mystery flick. Acting is good, not GREAT, but good (it's not like they were trying to do Bravehart or something like that). You get to play the 'Who-dun-it' game along with the movie, so that's nice. Humor in the movie was good without it turning stupid.
This movie was pretty enjoyable.
Quite enjoyable. Rare to see RDJ play second fiddle to another character but the chemistry of all the actors was classy.
You've gotta keep focused on whats being said, or you lose whats go'in on. Other than that it's a good movie... 8/10
I love this movie, kinda mixes two, three genres, some quite intricate plot but light comedy, and doing it seamlessly, also downey jr and kilmer is at their best.
Funny it was worth watching
Not too bad of a film. I don't usually care for this genre, but I liked this.
Its been a while since I watched this movie but its still a really good off the beaten track kinda movie. Highly recommend.
good downey jr. and kilmer movie 8/10
Very good murder mystery. thanks to pumpkinheadt for a great recommendation and to the kind folks at Solar.
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