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I saw this movie when I was 15, I remember liking it then but thinking back I know it could have been 100 times better. I re watched it and sure enough, it was kinda just ok. I think I have been spoiled by epics, and anything less feels like a B movie. Still very much worth the watch though. 6/10
I had seen that quite some time ago, and it was even better the second time around (Director's cut). Awesome film, definitively worth watching! 9/10
did not know this movie had both characters from Hannibal(the tv show) in it. and the director of Training Day. Maybe worth a watch.
no matter what the subject matter, never seen an antoine fuqua movie that wasn't impressive (SHOOTER - TEARS OF THE SUN - TRAINING DAY). for a sword flick, THIS ROCKS.

it is crap

I had pretty low expectations going into this.

It didn't (and still doesn't) look all that good. Antoine Fuqua screwed up really bad when he made Tears of the Sun, and I don't think I can forgive him for that huge pile of crap. Clive Owen and Stellan Skarsg
:fresh: I got a chance to go see King Arthur last night, and I must say that I thought it was a really good movie. This movie brought a completely different asspect to the King Arthur story. It just brought something different to the screen. Knightly was awesome also. She is just a great actress. The one thing I did like about this movie, was there was lots of fighting, and action, but all the fighting was contained, and in that I mean, it wasn't bloody and gory. You knew the guy got chopped in half, but didn't have to actually see it,,, so for the younger audience goers, this was a nice touch on the movie. Go see this, you'll like it..
Here's the Legend of the Writers of King Arthur:

"Hey pass me that dooby."
"Hey I wonder what would happen if your took like King Arthur and put him on some ice."
"That's awesome man!"
"And like, they have to save this guy!"
"Shit, I just had a thought, what if we make it into a movie."
"Alright man! Heh heh."

While watching the movie, I felt that they butchered the legend of King Arthur, so I decided to make my own legend.

Anyways, the fighting was good. The score was good. The acting was good. The plot was well, King Arthur (sorry, Commander Arthur), having to do a Saving Private Ryan type thing for the next Roman Pope. Yeah....I know. Anyways, I felt disappointed that the legend was barely addressed, especially after seeing Excalibur not too long ago.

I will see it again, but I have to give it a 5/10, just like I gave the kind young lady who hooked me up with the tickets. JKS! ;)
Man I am bored........ Anyways more ratings.

Also, does anyone know when Batman Begins comes out?
Ahhh, once again another film ruined by morons making comments. In my opinion, people who need to make comments out loud during a movie lack the capacity to think internally and therefore have no brains. As such they should be drug out of their seats, taken to the lobby and have their head blown off in front of everyone!

That having been said, on to the review.

Well, this was one I was looking forward to for a while. It has a decent cast, a good director and good material to work with. Leave it to Hollywood to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Fuqua directed a terrible story which in the end, who really cares. Its that boring.

The dialogue is terrible, not even worth going into detail how badly. There is no chemistry between the actors, they just drift through the film attempting to garner a feel that is genuine. Sadly they never manage it.

The love story is weak and pointless. There are countless inconsistencies, Stelan Skarsgard's character is irritiating and weak and the list goes on and on. Generally I love films like this, but after seeing "Return of the King" and "Braveheart" the battle scenes are much like "Troy" which is been there done that, rinse, lather, repeat...boring.

Clive Owen tries desperately to come off as a passionate leader and get the troops riled up with some little speeches that just plain suck. Owen's Arthur goes from outstanding in some scenes to just plain awful in others.

On a side note, Hans Zimmer cut a pretty lame soundtrack here. I enjoy soundtracks and he is one of my favorite composers. As for this, well young Hans was on par with everyone else in this film, which sadly was on the road to nowhere.

If there ever was a King Arthur, he's pretty pissed right now.
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