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Forgetable time waster, more artsy then substantive.
@piroclastic haha. AGREED! possibly the best comment I have read for this flick. You said it all!
starts well then slows down so much time seems to stand still, but it always keeps you watching with the slight hint or two that in just a moment it will liven up.... but it doesnt. if you like long drawn out conversations about nothing then this is the one for u
I thought it was a good film, 8/10. Characters were good and the acting was pretty good as well. If you are looking for an action film, this is not it. This is a drama.
I enjoyed this movie. If you know the book it is based on, Cogan's Trade by George Higgins, you'll know that is about 90% dialogue and not a ton of action. The movie captures the book fairly accurately in that it paints a nice picture of the low-life characters and the criminal world they inhabit. There's a good storyline to keep you hooked but it's not a mindless action thriller if that's what you're interested in.
not to bad of a movie i was hoping for more action and less talking i give it a 6/10.
Half of the movie was filmed in slow motion and the other half was written, directed and acted in slow motion. I thought perhaps I was watching an Alzheimer patient's mind try to do algebra.
Worth watching, but it's no blockbuster. I'd have been disappointed if I'd been watching it with a date over a box of popcorn in the theatre. It seemed like it was gonna get good but I couldn't even stand it another second so I shut it off after wasting 53 minutes waiting for it to start.
I felt like I was watching the very middle of a great movie. Except we don't get the beginning or the end so I'm not sure what to think of it.
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