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Hands down hilarious with lots of action! Loved this one all the way through...
Great movie!!! I like almost every movie with Katherine Heigl and after I watched The Butterfly Effect, I've started to like Ashten Kutcher too :-) And this movie is def a worth watching one.
Another movie with Katherine Heigl that I liked, not to mention Ashton Kutcher whose a total hottie, hehe. I like their chemistry in this movie and it is an action/Rom-Com that's well worth the watch I think! :-)
I could definitely watch it again so... enjoy! ;-)
Great little movie !!!! :)
haha this was pretty good 7,5 out of 10
im starting 2 like these kind of movies lately like so think i will give this a go ashton kutcher is a good actor and his films are normally good .

,hehe it is Very good

loved it 1000% good

Really loved this movie. It's not my type, but it's awesome!

Loved this film, they make such a cute couple and it shows DO NOT TRUST YOU'RE NEIGHBOURS!!!!!

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