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A great horror classic!!
Saw this movie when it came out and let me say that this movie rocks! For an independent movie its makeup, especially on the "klowns" is awesome! This movie blows away most movies at any production value about space invaders. Definitely underrated on imdb. You should recognize the sheriff from other 1980s movies. If you like or hate (like me) clowns and enjoy Sci Fi films, you will like this one. Definitely re-watchable. 8.5/10
my comment was deleted..
Sometime this year, nothing really solid but the year (2013), and even then it's hard to find any new reports/interviews. The producer was interviewed at a horror convention last September, so it seems to be still moving (slowly)
anyone hear of killer klowns from outter space?

well rumors of a return of killer klowns from outter space in 3D so far I think it's fake if anyone has any more info besides it was suppose to come out in 2012(last year) it didn't got info pm me :K
Wow, it's been about 20 years or so since I last watched this very cheesy movie! Huh, I'm just thinking about all the weird movies I've seen in my day.. I feel so old :-(. Also, what happened to all the townspeople at the end?! Did they all die or what?

Killer Klowns From Outer Space, the name saids it all Don't take this movie sooo seriously and you will more then enjoy this movie. This is one of my favorite movies growing up. I still love watching it and it neva gets old. Yeah its low-budget, yeah it ain't dat scary, and yeah it's pretty goofy. But how can you hate a killer clown. Klowns killin' people and they're from outer space, its pure genius. If you think klowns are scary now, wait until you see this movie you'll be terrified. A fun movie to watch. It's hilarious.

Solid little comedy/horror movie. Like John said, Vernon's performance is priceless. It also has to be seen for the scene with the token black guy. The guy puts the damn back in ...DAMN! Creature design was also suprisingly good. Campy acting, some jokes hitting a mile away from the target, bad catchy rock music; this flick has it all.

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Now Killer klowns from outter space, may just rank up there with many many BAD b movies. Its on tv sometimes and when it is people just seem to watch in disbelife that this is an actual movie. Well the story starts out with some kids from the 80's doing drugs, well later they see a comet and go follow it. To there suprise they see a carnavil well the teens enter it and there chased by weird looking clowns for about an hour. Later they find cops and cops help kill the clowns. The teens fight off a giant clown and escape the canavil. Well later the caravil tent flys up in the air like a spaceship and explodes everyone is happy that the clowns are dead. Then everyone is hit by a couple pies. Then the teens wake up the next day and asked what the hell they were doing. I almost asked myself the same question. Heres something I didnt understand, clowns are from earth, why were these clowns from space? And why did they turn people into cotton candy? Obviously this is a movie which was not meant to be made but in the end it was. The movie can be vital to anyones health and watch with caution!
I'm sorry, but that movie was very, very entertaining. And I gotta say, the make-up, costumes and visual effects were superb. The klowns looked incredible.
This movie was just a lot of fun. I strongly recommend it to anyone who just likes a fun, campy horror movie and can ignore bad acting.

The cool thing's SUPPOSED to be terrible. That's what makes it so un-terrible!
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