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Kill Bill: Vol. 2 2004

The Bride continues her quest of vengeance against her former boss and lover Bill, the reclusive bouncer Budd and the treacherous, one-eyed Elle...

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Loved it, good movie to pass the time
Just like (well not just like) the LOTR trilogy is stronger together than the seperate pieces so is Kill Bill. In a perfect world that didn't revolve around making money Kill Bill would never been seperated into two parts and would have been the ultimate kung fu, drama, revenge, comic, tragedy, cartoon, anime, melodrama, shakespearean, crime, epic, love story. Kill Bill 1 now can be more appreciated and understood now that the emotions and characters are fully explained and made more detailed and complex. Now if your expecting huge battle scenes along with body counts up to, let's say 88, don't. The count for 2 is around, well 2. Kill Bill 2, or the continuation of Kill Bill after a long intermission, is truly the heart and drama of the pic. The new charcters in 2 are even better than 1, save the bride. My favorite character by far now is Pai Mei, which probably isn't a very original character but makes me want to rent a bunch of old kung fu and wu-tang movies. Kill Bill is a masterpiece, and I'm not one of those people that love everything about Tarantino, going around muttering what a genius he is. I do think he's written and directed some great movies, but this is his best. Oh yeah it kicks ass being a projectionists and seeing it a week early, but when this does come out this weekend go see it!!!
Although Volume 2 still pays homage to the western and old skool kung fu movie genres, it is definately a departure in style from Volume 1. Volume 1 was basically an old skool kung fu genre movie with elements of westerns thrown in, whereas Volume 2 is the other way around.

In Volume 2 a lot more focus is placed on plot and storyline, with less being placed on the fantastically choregraphed bloodbath fight scenes from the first. Although there are still fight scenes in Volume 2, they are shorter and less violent. Despite the fact that the fight scenes were one of the best parts of Volume 1, I think that the smaller role that they play in Volume 2 does not detract from the movie at all.

One of the highlights of the movie was the flashback scenes showing the training of The Bride by Pai Mei (Chia Hui Liu). These scenes were hilarious and if I hadn't known better I would have swore that they were lifted straight out of an old skool kung fu movie. It is clear from scenes such as these that Quentin Tarantino is a great fan of these kind of movies. The same can be said for RZA, who is once again spot on with his choice of music and sound effects for the soundtrack.

Volume 2 does not suffer from the lame sequel syndrome (although technically it isn't a sequel, as it is a movie in two parts), and does a great job of concluding what was started in Volume 1. Volume 1 was my personal favourite movie of last year, and although the year is not yet finished, I think it is safe to say that Volume 2 will be one of my favourite movies of this year.

Well, I finally saw it. It was both beautiful and bland, mostly beautiful. To be honest, I would have preferred some of Part 2 cut down, and there have just been one 3 hour cut. That would probably score a 10 from me.

More soon.
Kill Bill has a great story Oh who am i kidding all the men that went to see this movie went to see it because of uma therman and i think she was awsome, and so hot!!

Although this installment lacks the style and action that was seen in Volume 1, it makes up for in story and character development. It is, quite honestly, great contrast and relief to Volume 1, but as a whole works.

Ok, enough of the smart stuff. Yo, there's one sick part with an eye. Just remember, eyeball. You'll know what I mean.

Nearly laughed my @SS off at one of the names mentioned near the end. It's actually an inside joke, but the peeps that know me will laugh too.

Oh yeah, Bill's death (not a spoiler, it is called Kill Bill and the trailers do say, "Uma Thurman will Kill Bill" or something along those lines), without giving anything away, will separate the true movie lovers to the ones who are only satisfied by brainless action.

For a good long while now, a decade or so at least, Quentin Tarentino has been the preeminent figure in American pop culture in regards to filmmaking. In the process he has become one of the most imitated and loved filmmakers of all-time. All this, and up until Kill Bill he had made only 3 films. Was it justified? I suppose this is not really the place or time to begin discussing the merits of QT's career or his place in film history, needless to say, I don't think he is quite there yet.

With the release of Kill Bill Volume 2, QT has now completed his cinematic love letter to the films that have mindlessly entertained him for most of his life. Nothing we have yet seen from QT, or any other filmmaker really compares to film. Not that it is original or defining, It's just never before have so many different styles and ideas about filmmaking been fused together in one motion picture. QT has seemingly taken just about everything that makes these different genres so enjoyable and has somehow combined these aspects with a coherent and cohesive narrative. Right from the very appearance of the Miramax logo we are lovingly transported into a world of cinematic familiarity and remembrance without being overly specific. Each and every frame of this movie is filled to the brim with not only vast amounts knowledge about its influences but also a deep passion and respect for its predecessors. This also holds true for the soundtrack as well.

What may well be the most interesting thing about Vol. 2 is its noticeable differences from the first volume. Principle among these differences is the overall pacing in the film, which is substantially slower. Volume one was at its core an action film, volume 2 is character and dialogue driven, much like all of QT's earlier films. But what sets this apart from his other films, is that the dialogue does not feel like it always has to be cool or witty. I think Vol. 2 represents the most maturity we have seen from QT as a filmmaker so far, as he is not afraid to let his audience experience multitude of emotions, as opposed to his previous emotionally neutral works.

QT shines once again in creating a cast of characters that are highly memorable and in the case of Bill and Beatrix... legendary. David Carradine and Uma Thurman give top-notch performances worthy of some form of recognition come awards time.

I could go much further into it if I really could, but this film is not easily defined by words. It is one of those times where the old clich
Fan-fucking-tastic, and that's really all there is to it. I am bestowing Oscars upon David Carradine, Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah right now. Elle Driver is so the woman.
An utterly brilliant movie... Volume 1 had a fast paced action feel while Volume two is an intellectual study in drama. Prior to this series, I was not a Tarantino fan but these movies have won me over.
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