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Key Largo 1948

A man visits his old friend's hotel and finds a gangster running things. As a hurricane approaches, the two end up confronting each other...

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I woke up this morning, just ten minutes ago actually, with a strange rested feeling. After a minute of wondering I decided it must be that light coming in from the window. The days haven't been exactly bright here lately. You know, clouds and stuff, always. And as I looked out the window, just like always, clouds today. But wait, the ground is white, snow, reflecting uplifting white light into my room.

So now it's winter huh? Well i'm totally sick of fall anyhow. Usually I would be distressed by any sign of time going by, but now i feel nothing of the sort. Must be getting old. Suddenly all those stupid christmassy things they've been already setting up at my work start to make an inch of more sense to me.
What else? well....I haven't been recording any music lately like I was supposed to do. Maybe today I will. Who knows? a few christmas jingles maybe.
I read what I wrote. I see my writing is horrible. I'll improve it one of these days, just you wait.

Editor's note:
Hello again, you thought I left, didn't you? well unless you did, you were dead wrong, I just came back inspired by my last remark there about how my writing is shit, I came back with the solid intention of rewriting this entry. Well it turned out shit too. Looka here:

"I woke up in light.
The morning streaming in through the windows like a thousand little fairies,
singing me uplifting tv-jingles. Somehow it worked and I felt good.
It took the computer five minutes to be turned on, losing only to the obligatory task of brushing teeth, the white lumps of bacteria that had found shelter there during the night, just to be vanquished back to the sewers at daybreak. This morning the normal anxieties didn't apply to me.
I was all too tied up in sorting out my stand. There was to be resolved the issue of new white snow outside my window, covering everything in it's quiet embrace."

gee buddy, can ya get a little more cheesy? Well maybe some bits were okay but the last lines sucked for sure. I'm a 100% sure it's because of my elementary english skills. But as it happens, I'm starting out reading a new book just at the moment. It's William S. Burroughs and it's in english and it's really complex. I'll have to consult my dictionary for every other word. That'll teach me.(spank spank)

This has all been very fun but i'm getting some breakfast now. What do you reckon, noodles? bread? pineapple? I'm going with yogurt. FOR THE TIME BEING.
ps. what does inebreiated mean?
Key Largo is an interesting thriller for its time, as it doesn't take the classic film noir route, but instead lets the psychological effects of a massive hurricane and the main characters being held hostage by a group of gangsters make for an intense ride. It's an ideal cast, but it's John Huston's direction that works to create atmosphere, and the script of Richard Brooks that creates suspense in the minds of all of the characters, that both work together to make the film what it is.


I still haven't decided whether this is the best David Lynch film or not. I fell in love with Mulholland Dr. the first time I saw it, and it's gotten better the second and third time. It would be hard for a film to surpass it, but if any film can it's this one. This is better than Umberto D. and Wild Strawberries, two films that deal with aging and death, and only a step behind Ikiru. It's that good.


I initially had a hard time adjusting to this film because I'm such a junky for the musical. I've seen it three times live in Toronto, so as this film was progressing, I found myself missing the music and songs I had grown so accustomed to. That said, this is a phenomenal silent film, and Chaney deserves all the credit he receives. This also has one of the most memorable scenes from any silent film I've seen yet, and that's the scene on the rooftop when Christine tells Raoul about the Phantom with him perched on the roof above. It's just brilliant.


This film should be used as an example for great atmosphere. The hotel during the hurricane is a great setting and served as another character of the film, one that helped generate nearly all of the suspense. This was a solid film that was bogged down by some bad melodrama and a very slow start. Even so, it's well worth seeing and Bogart and Bacall are great as always. The scene stealer, however, is Robinson, who plays the banished gangster perfectly.


Sure it's a gimmick film, and not only one gimmick but two. The first was using Tautou in such a dark role, and the second was the two part story. It played on those two gimmicks, as well as some pretty big and unbelievable coincidences, but it was still pretty damn entertaining. It should have ended five minutes before it did, as I didn't care for the final "twist", and thought it would have been perfect to end during the musical montage a bit earlier.


This Preston Sturges film suffered from a drastic and awkward tonal shift. I was loving this film, almost solely because of the relationship and chemistry between Veronica Lake and Joel McCrea. They were great together, and when the film abandoned them and put McCrea in his unfortunate position, the film fell flat. Really flat. It's a shame, because this could have been up there with The Lady Eve.
Watched Key Largo this morning. I enjoyed it, but I wasn't really scared by the villains (although this may be because Edward G. Robinson seems like a caricature of himself), so it was hard to get why everyone in the movie seemed so worried.

There's still a ton of movies here I plan on watching (and re-watching), so there should be a decent amount of updates after this week. (My work schedule is odd this week because of the Fourth of July holiday--I'm still working, but I'm working dayside, so we'll see how it goes.)
This film is not bad, but it`s terribly aged. It is watchable though and it still has somekind of Bogart-style attraction and from the plus side of the film, there is also very good role by Edward G. Robinson. But these things are only good things about "Key Largo", watching it these days. I havent seen so aged movie for a long while and it`s definatly not a classic.

Key Largo is another fantastic movie that has themes and questions about morality and immorality, courage and cowardice, being loyal to your life and being loyal to your head. John Huston can take any story and turn it into an emotional, involving epic. Films like these are why he's my favorite director.
Quite a great suspense film from John Huston, with a great cast as well.

Not much to say about this one, but I did really like it :)
Key Largo, 1948
Headliners: Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall
Director: John Huston

8 out of 10 :up: :up:

This movie has a good story, but it seemed like it was only a half hour long. There is only little parts from all of the actors. It really had no backstory for any of the characters, and some characters we hardly got to know the name of. But with great preformances from almost all of the actors, however small those parts are, this movie is certainly watchable and enjoyable.
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