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Just My Luck 2006

Manhattanite Ashley is known to many as the luckiest woman around. After a chance encounter with a down-and-out young man, however, she realizes that she's swapped her fortune for his...

Release Date:
May 12, 2006
103 min
Donald Petrie
Missi Pyle, Deneen Tyler, Michael Arata, ...
Comedy, Romance, Fantasy ...

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Solar rating: 7.2


Imdb rating: 5.3



a good one 8/10
nice film. 8/10
it was just my luck to find this movie. Chris Pine as always did a phenomenal job. and despite Lindsay Lohan's loss of a good reputation, this movie did a good deed in choosing her for the lead role. she's cute, funny, and all around a good actress. She deserves more credit than she gets in terms of her acting abilities. 9/10 on the movie scale and 10/10 on the cute and romantic scale :)
very interesting movie. still watching
lindsday lohan and chris pine
I liked this movie! Honestly I don't get the low ratings. Considering that this is a teen/ chick flick I thought it was one of the better ones. I think Lindsey Lohan played very well and Chris Pine was so cute! The movie has a really good vibe through and through, its cute and sweet and it is also quite funny so I would give it a chance! ( I would actually watch it again too).
PS: I don't really care for tabloids and don't care about what goes on in Lindsay Lohans personal life either, to me its about evaluating her job as an actress and not judge her as a person. I think she did a fine job in this movie and she has a something something... I think she has potential to do great.
Lindsay Lohan's last teenage comedy just flat out stinks. for one thing, it kind of reflects upon some sort of fact about her being this girl who is the luckiest woman in the world and then losing everything by the switch of a kiss. oh, and another apparent notice not just with this movie but with others as well: bathroom jokes are really becoming popular. only 5-7 minutes after the film starts, you have a man using money to pick up his dog's poo. then the unlucky guy comes along and finds 5 dollars, except its covered in dog crap. oh and Lindsay Lohan's character doesn't really reflect acting in sorts. it seems that she is somewhat like that character in real life too. she is lucky because she got a big boost in her career and then she almost lost it all to partying. it was purly agonizing just to sit through that movie.
I actually kinda liked this movie. It reminded me of 13 Going On 30 for some reason. It was super cheesy and predictable in parts but it was also pretty funny. I still like Lindsay Lohan despite what everyone says about her, and I think one day, when she grows up a little she could be a pretty good actress.

Just got back not long ago from checking out Just My Luck. I have to say that I was actually surprised how good it was. Lindsay does a great job as Ashley Albright, a girl who's luck is just about to run dry. Her co-star Chris Pine also does a fine job as the guy who recieves that luck through one great kiss. After that, you pretty much have to see what comes their ways. The rest of the cast including Bree Turner, Samaire Armstrong & Faizon Love is great & the story is real cute. So guys, I recommend that you take your girl to see this. Other than that, if you are a fan of Lindsay's, then you will definately enjoy this, as did I. PEACE OUT!!! & Happy Mother's Day to all you moms :)
wow biggest waste of money
Saw in theater

Considering my expectations for this film weren't amazingly high, I was satisfied with the viewing experience. Once again, this is not the type of movie that anyone expects to be on the Oscar nominations list. It's just good, silly, teenage fun. Lindsay Lohan plays Ashley, a very successful young woman whose luck seems to always work in her favor. That is until she kisses a very unlucky guy at a work-related bash. Their luck (or lack thereof) gets switched. When she figures out what happened she goes on a mission to find out who the guy was that she kissed (it was a masked ball party...) and goes around kissing random guys throughout New York. She finally finds the right guy, but as fate (or luck?) would have it, she falls for him and can't stand to see him so unlucky. It all turns out for the best of course with a cheesy teen flick ending.

The acting wasn't phenomenal, the plot wasn't ground-breaking, but there are enough stupid jokes and Lindsay falls on her ass and gets totally soaked enough times to make the movie enjoyable to watch.

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