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Just Married 2003

A young newlywed couple honeymoon in Europe, where obstacles challenge their ability to sustain the marriage...

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It wasn't great great but it wasn't that bad either. I really liked Brittany Murphy, I am sad she didn't get to do more movies. And I also think they had a great chemistry her and Ashton. I recall that it was an ok fun/romantic watch :-)
Just Married (2003)

Ashton Kutcher, Brittany Murphy, Christian Kane

Directed by Shawn Levy

94 Min

Grade F (Rotten) (1)

Just Married is an unpleasant mix of Romantic and madcap slapstick comedy. It is truly a terrible film.

This movie sucked. I don't even want to talk about it. Does anyone care? Probably not.

please... stop him. No more shitty movies!!!!!



--There are some humorous aspects of the film. I loved the yellow car that Sarah and Tom had in France, and the movie is quite funny towards the end when their bickering starts to become very physical. I liked how they tortured each other, particularly Sarah's "my husband has two pounds of hash in his rectum" gag.

--The actors do what they can with the weak material. Brittany Murphy is gorgeous and respectable as always, though she really needs to wise up on her film choices. She needs to get some great movie jobs in addition to her great talent. Ashton Kutcher is humorous and fun to watch as always.

--The beautiful scenery is worth noting. I loved how the film was shot on location and throughout many different countries and settings.


--How predictable was this movie? It follows the teen romantic comedy formula step by step and doesn't really do anything inventive or new with the boring genre. The end of the film especially makes this more noticeable. The stupid "while the girl weeps, the guy dismays and gets advice from friends or family that leads him to go back to the girl and they kiss and walk away while the friends who previously hated the guy smile and cherish the moment". Notice that bloody all of Tom and Sarah's sins (they accused each other of cheating) are forgiven and they don't resolve ANYTHING?

--While some of the jokes are good, many of them fail. Why is this? Is it because the jokes were unfunny and lame - probably. But I also have a feeling that the trailer for the movie gave away far too much. We see most of the potentially funny stuff in the trailer so there is not much to laugh at apart from the things mentioned in THE GOOD section of this review.

--The movie's first half does not set up a good chemistry and is not believable. These two have 15 minutes at the most together onscreen before they decide marriage is the way to go. We don't know either of their characters very well and they just have the typical personality points (rich or poor etc).


5/10 - Another weak addition to that now extremely tired teen romantic comedy genre. The scenery and acting was good, but there isn't much else going for "Just Married".


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My friend Mike brought this over for us to watch. I gave it the benefit of the the doubt and was surprised. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be so I gave it a 7. This a "low" 7 rating. I just thought it was kinda funny. And Brittany Murphy is a cutey pie in one of my favorite movies: Drive which stars Mark Dacascos and Kadeem Hardison. Plus she's good in some other stuff I've seen too. I do kinda want to see The Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher. I'm curious about the sci fi aspect to it. Anyway final word is Just Married did not completely suck.
Resorted to the hollywood ending, and had some pretty bad parts... but I found it pretty funny overall. Recommended.
:D Yaaayyyyyyyy!! I finally got my license, I am so HAPPY! I finally have freedom, and it feels so good! Now I can go and get a job for this summer! $$$$ Earlier today, I watched Just Married which is one of my favorite movies! I love Ashton Kutcher! He's sooo hot! And Brittany Murphy is an awesome actress, she is so funny.
10 - "Am
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