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I really liked this movie. It's because I can totally relate to juno, except I didn't give my little angle for adoption, Juno was 16 I was 18 when I got pregnant. Anyway it was a good watch.
This was an ok movie to me. Idk, i found the sarcasm in it to be pretty medium par and that's about it, 7.5/10.
this was a good movie
This movie did amazingly well on such a precarious topic. Often movies take a laughing view of teen pregnancy but this one showed the true difficulties through the eye of a quirky teen
So smart and fun. Love the cast. Great job of addressing the issues facing teens with some light comedy.
Funny, emotional, great performances, awesome soundtrack. I love these indie movies, we need more of these than the usual predictive trash.
In my Googling Queen Processes Mode I stumbled across the script to Juno last night. Reading it reminds me of how well cast Juno was. From Juno to Bleeker, Leah, Mac and Bren, even Su-Chin and the Punk Abortion Clinic girl, they are all quite perfect for the film.

This gem of a script is a delight to read. Juno's youth is on display as something to be cherished but also as a very clear juxtaposed image to her pregnancy. A child is making these decisions to be "sexually active" and to keep or give away another child. This is not a mature adult here but rather the making of one.

Some could argue that this film lacks believability. But we have two hours to watch a COMEDY ON TEEN PREGNANCY. The two ideas don't normally go hand in hand. If we wanted absolute believability we'd go down to Planned Parenthood and watch real life happen.
I was finally able to see this movie last night, and can't praise it enough.

Ellen Page plays Juno, a precocious, cooler-than-you 16-year old who finds herself pregnant after having sex with her best friend, Paulie Bleeker (played by Michael Cera). Juno, deciding she can't go through with an abortion, decides to seek out a couple willing to adopt the child once it's born. Her journey leads her to Mark and Vanessa, a well-to-do couple waiting for someone like Juno. What follows is an emotional journey by a young woman forced to grow up before she's ready. Juno takes us on that journey with her, and the audience is able to share every laugh, and also every tear.

Each character's dialogue in the movie is razor-sharp, and I now see that Diablo Cody's Oscar for Best Screenplay is very well-deserved. The supporting cast is fantastic : J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney play Juno's parents, supportive yet anxious. Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner, respectively, portray the aforementioned Mark and Vanessa, and Rainn Wilson turns in a solid cameo. It's easy to see, however, why this movie will be remembered as Ellen Page's breakout performance. She carried this film from start to finish, and owned every scene that she was in (which is pretty much all of them).

There was one point where I thought this movie was going to be predictable, and I was only semi-correct. The actions of one character, specifically, were being telegraphed in such a way that you think you might know what's going to happen, and you might be right - or not. I found this film so strong, that it made me wonder what would become of these characters 5-10 years from now.

Emotionally engaging, well-written, well-acted, well-presented, and must-see. For me, these are all terms that can be used to describe the movie 'Juno'.
I thoroughly enjoyed Juno. It didn't glorify teen pregnancy, like many movies/TV shows involving the subject.
Good movie, but waaaaay overrated. Its not any better than Little Miss Sunshine.
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