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Jumper 2008

A teenager with teleportation abilities suddenly finds himself in the middle of an ancient war between those like him and their sworn annihilators...

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Imdb rating: 6.1

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One of the best movies that should have had a sequel - EVER! Jumper has more potential and imaginative uses than any sequel movies I've seen to date.
As much as I enjoyed this film I still felt it was missing something. I also felt the story was slightly rushed. All in all though the acting was decent and had a lasting concept. 7/10
Not a bad movie. The writers having the idea that people have the power to jump one place to another seems entertaining. The only problem is that not being able to have such a awesome power to use ourselves.
jumper 2: what is that supposed to mean they have 2nd name something different?@dopilus
@PureVodkaIsAwesome ... Jumper 2:
"Jumpers can reach other planets and travel in time, as well as their capacity for espionage"

P.S. You should check out the books if you really like this universe. They're not too bad.
i want a second one seen this when it first hit DVD :LO i would jump to my girlfriends house if i had his power lol

The premire was fun, if the movie was kinda stinky!
Sadly they took away my camera when Iwent inside so Ididn't get any star pics, but I did get to see all the big stars.

At the Jumper Premiere:
Sam Jackson: "Where da men's room at?"
(I kid you not!)

Jumper is about as dumb as popcorn flicks can get. It seems in this case, director Doug Liman decided to skip the story all together and go straight to the action. Even the sex scenes seem edited out. Characters seem about to have an in depth conversation and the movie, like its title character simply jump to the next scene. Nothing is explained, and I still don't understand just exactly how people are able to teleport.

I would describe to you some sense of what the plot is, but I can honestly say that I don't know of any. There is a little narration by Christiansen in the beginning, but that stops quickly. In fact all dialogue stops pretty early on in the name of big budget action scenes. I would say that Hayden Christiansen and Rachel Bilson have no chemistry, but there is a bigger problem: they have no characters. Both are merely plot devices to get to the flashy action. Sam Jackson plays the same character as usual, but as always he is the man.

When one character utters the phrase "Welcome to the War" about midway through the film, we have no idea what that war is or why its being fought. It is a vague midpoint in a lazy and pointless script.

Yet despite my harsh words on this film I must mention some positives. The film looks gorgeous. This is clearly big budget and the amazing locations and action sequences really show. This could have been a killer summer film had they actually written a script for it. Despite this, the film is quite visually stimulating and on a purely popcorn level, it works. The score is catching and the songs they put in perfectly pop. This will easily do well this weekend. If you desire an empty, big budget action thriller this valentines day this is surely it.(Go see Cloverfeild again instead.)
Jumper is a movie that is full of potential. Unfortunately all that potential spills onto the carpet and makes a nasty stain. Hayden Christensen is not a leading man. He has yet to be able to carry a film by himself, and I don't understand why some continue to cast him as such. In Jumper Hayden discovers he has the ability to teleport to any place on Earth. You see his character develop this ability in his early teens and he never really seems to grow up from that point.

The rest of the character acting in the movie is sub par and feels like it was just thrown together to augment the special effects and locations of the movie. That is where this movie does succeed. The special effects of the movie are great. The locations are beautiful. The problem is that they effects and locations are just there. They aren't really used. Egypt is an excellent location and the place could almost be used as a character in itself. However the director really didn't use the locations of anything other than scenery. There was no real rhyme or reason to the locations. Egypt is nice, but so is South Africa. The locations in this movie could be interchangable really for all intents and purposes.

Finally, where the movie really failed is to explore who are the Jumpers, and who are the Paladins? The two main factions are just there. They are never really explained, but many things are mentioned. Things like Jumpers have been around since Medival times, but no real explanation as to why. Why are the Paladins fighting the Jumpers. These are never explained in the movies. You are just supposed to accept that one doesn't like the other and that is that.

Don't waste your time on this movie. If you must see it, please wait til it comes out on DVD.
This could have been a great film. This SHOULD have been a great film. In fact why it isn't a great film; with the cast, crew and budget that they assembled is a real mystery. Perhaps, the film is critically flawed by the sheer audacity of its premise: Some people can teleport or 'Jump' to wherever they want on the planets surface. Total freedom leads to total coolness and adventure one would assume? Such an assumption would be false. What we get instead is a messy procession of 'cool' stuff (endlessly dull CG fight sequences, eating snacks atop the Sphinx's head etc) without any semblance of a coherent plot or any character depth whatsoever. I'm usually a defender of the much maligned Hayden Christensen -- but here he is at his most wooden, a charisma vaccum within which he pointlessly JUMPS through one plot hole after another -- ably aided by a frustratingly annoying Jamie Bell -- whose hyperactive over-acting serves to further emphasise Hayden's sheer lack of screen presence. Both Samuel Jackson and Diane Lane are criminally wasted, while Bilson looks bewildered, bored and downright angry that she's been given such a pointless part (though probably lucrative). Jumper is about a person who can do and have anything he or she wants --- and the film is a bit like Paris Hilton in this sense: Expensive, nice to look at, but really rather pointless.
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