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this movie is pure genious

Quincy is an aspiring DJ in New York City. His friends do not possess such aspirations. They all skip school together and hang out on the street. Quincy's friend, Bishop, is aggressive and starts trouble with a rival gang. Luckily, the gang respects his friend, Raheem. When Quincy is off getting ready for a DJ competition, Bishop, Raheem, and Steel plan a robbery. During the robbery Bishop flips out and kills the shop owner and Raheem. Quincy does his best to protect Steel from suffering the same fate as Raheem but Bishop may be too out of control to tame.

"People been sayin' that you say you can bust my ass. You believe that shit?"

Ernest R. Dickerson (Howard Alum), director of Bulletproof, Demon Knight, Surviving the Game, and the upcoming Black Kissinger (Fred Williamson), delivers Juice. Juice, at the time of release, was slang for street credibility. If you had the most "juice" you had the most street cred. Dickerson does a fantastic job of portraying the struggles the black youth through these characters. It is easy for the audience to relate to each character. Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur, Khalil Kain, Samuel L. Jackson, and Queen Latifah were all solid in their roles.

"Pardon me. I'm about to rob this place."

Steel being pulled off the top bunk by his dad, the Donald Bromwell conversation, the gold tooth conversation/scam, the store and alley shooting, the police interrogation scene, the "trip" reference, the video games scenes, the elevator shooting, and the fight on the roof were amongst the better portions of the film.

"What the fuck do you want from me?"

The soundtrack for this film captured me as a youth. I was about 12 when I first heard these songs and became hooked to EPMD, Cypress Hill, Gangstarr, Big Daddy Cane, and Naughty by Nature. I adored this film as a kid; however, it is now easier to see its flaws and how the film industry has evolved in its depiction of this culture. The characters are still powerful and a delight to watch. Juice is still not to the level of "The Wood, ""Menace II Society," "Boyz in da Hood," "Sugar Hill," or "Dead Presidents;" but it is still a worth while watch.

"I'm gonna shoot your pee-pee off, man!"

Grade: B-
I was really surprised at how well Tupac acted in this movie. This movie is worth a watch, more soley based on Tupac's performance. If he was out of the equation then I'm not sure the movie would have been as good, because the story is not unique and intricate.
A near perfect street movie, with great performances by the entire cast through the comedic times, and the dramatic times. They really set the story in quality stone, leading you through the lives of four New York city teens, which are all going pretty well, until Tupac's character decides they should rob a convenience store, which is where things start to get enjoyably bad. You can really get wrapped in this enjoyable story as thing after thing happens to the characters, never leaving you bored, only more interested. One more great thing about this movie is that to some degree, most of this can actually happen, as most of it does in the real-life streets. This is a movie that most of us living in those bitter cities, and neighborhoods, can all enjoy and relate to. Although if you're not into street/hood movies, then this one isn't for you.
Tupac is a good actor in this movie, when I first saw it, I enjoy it. This movie is a good gangster movie.
By far one of the best "hood" movies ever made. It shows the lives of four high school friends; their troubles as inner city kids and the everyday problems that they have to deal with. Tupac's best performance. Great Movie!!
One of the best ''hood/gangsta'' movies ever made, Pac's and Epps' performance in this movie was incredible, definitely worth watching...9.2/10
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