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Joy Ride 2001

Three young people on a road trip from Colorado to New Jersey talk to a trucker on their CB radio, then must escape when he turns out to be a psychotic killer...

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candy cane enough said 8/10
This one of Paul Walker's best movies, a brilliant thriller. Tight directing and great banter between Steve Zahn and Paul.

Paul Walker your smile and light will be missed.
JOY RIDE (2001)



--One of the best things about "Joy Ride" is a quality that is rare yet not unheard of. It is the ability to feel sympathy for the villain of the film, in this case the truck driving 'Rusty Nail'. This was a good aspect of the film "The Cell" as well. I felt bad for 'Rusty Nail' because he really is just a lonely, overweight trucker, and when he gets his hopes up he is let down, and goes mad with rage.
--I got really involved in this movie. I felt like I was experiencing everything with the characters, especially the paranoia they all begin to experience. Man, whenever I saw a truck in this movie it was like CRAP! WATCH OUT YOU GUYS! Another factor that helped is that I also cared about the characters in this movie, a very impressive factor since the characters do some pretty stupid stuff, we can still care a lot about what happens to them.

--There was some good camera work in this film. The crazy angles helped to make the chaotic road-to-nowhere feeling of the film more effective, and I loved the use of shading with colours, especially red.

--Personally I found this movie to be really scary. Like "The Blair Witch Project" the villain is never truly seen, and "Joy Ride" is another good reminder of what we can't see scares us the most. The voice of 'Rusty Nail' was also pretty horrifying and the constant sense of dread in the movie is very well maintained.


--Charlotte, the girl who gets captured at the end of the film isn't really given that much to do and actually doesn't have very much screen time. She shows up for about 2 minutes and then becomes the damsel in distress. Personally I would've liked her character to be more developed so we care more about what happens to her.


9/10 - A frightening, suspenseful road adventure. "Joy Ride" is everything I was looking for in a decent summer horror flick and more.


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For some really strange reason Roadkill is called Joyride in the US *shrugs* go figure!

The film starts off with Lewis (Paul Walker) picking up his brother Fuller (Steve Zahn) from jail whilst onroute to pick up the girl he's sweet on - Venna. Whilst onroute, Fuller purchases a CB radio for the trip, and then decides it's fun to pull a prank on a lorry driver with the handle "Rusty Nail", by having Lewis pretend to be a girl - "Candy Cane" and arranging to meet up in some motel room.

"Rusty Nail" of course ends up falling for it hook line and sinker, murdering the occupant of the motel room, and then terrorising the eventual trio of Lewis-Fuller-Venna on their road trip!

The plot is a simple game of cat and mouse and the overall package is an enjoyable road movie that is definitely worth a look. There's just something compelling about being hunted in the middle of nowhere by a more than annoyed lorry driver who is definitely a little twisted!
It's a very good movie,but it's a little scary!!!!
The movie Joy Ride is one that does not have a premise that sounds frightening, suspenseful, or completely interesting at first. However, the execution of this premise is in fact the opposite. For such an idea, Joy Ride is one of the most well executed horror movies I've ever seen. It is given perhaps more attention than most big named horror flicks and it is a shame.

Joy Ride begins with the story of Lewis. Lewis has an interesting long distance relationship with a childhood female 'friend.' He insists she is a friend, yet, he cannot get her out of his mind, even at eight in the morning. He finally makes the big move and travels out of state to see her. The bane of this happy story is that his troublesome brother finds himself behind bars once again. Being the nice guy, Lewis takes care of his younger brother. Yet, his brother doesn't stop the trouble. He talks him into leading on a a trucker with the radio nick name 'Rusty Nail' after getting an automobile radio. What they do was only meant to be a practical joke, only the result of the joke isn't quite a funny one...

Joy Ride does not dish out expandable characters you do not want to know with little intelligence or likability. The people in here actually have brains and many times it shows. People make legitament efforts at fighting back, escaping, or reasoning with the villian. Even the immature brother of Lewis has some sense and intelligence to him, and makes some pretty funny smartass lines. What is perhaps the most noteable wit, is that of Rusty Nail. His plans are so well thought out, so intimidating, so calculative, one part made me seriously question the mind of the person writting this.

Joy Ride has a sensible cast. Lewis is played by Paul Walker, who is not only attractive but seems to fit the role. He always comes off as the nice guy, the older brother, and the responsible one. Whether by the character he plays or his talent, Steven Zahn steals the show. He plays the younger brother as though the role was about him. On a personal note, I'm glad Paul Walker is in this. There is a scene were him and Steve must go into a truck stop completely naked and you see many ass shots. Though, the director doesn't take the controversial risk of showing frontal male nudity, a damn shame. They both have such nice asses, especially Walker and I would give anything to see both of their front halves. It seems in movies you can show as much female nudity as you want, but show a penis and god save us all...but anyways!

The style of this film is of its most striking qualities. It gives great atmosphere to a dark highway where anything can go wrong. Other times the rainy, grudy, run down motels have just the right look accompanied with some great lighting effects and well suited cinematography. The movie understands not to use music all the time, and lets silence take over. So many times the huge brass section plays and you know to worry then and the feeling is gone, that isn't to say this movie doesn't do it, but it avoids it. There was one part I especially love where you could've placed creepy music, but plays light 30s sounding music which actually makes it more disturbing.

Perhaps the most important aspect, is just how intelligent and well done the idea is done. The screenplay is not given a dozen things to work with, yet the director takes the idea and utilizes it just about to all the potential one could imagine it having. So many times, horror films specifically, believe all you need is a good premise and the rest can be put auto-pilot. This movie does the opposite with truly chilling results and shows an idea is nothing without direction that respects it.

Joy Ride is relative short, a little over an hour and a half and your almost sad because you wish there would be more of it. What starts out dull, quickly becomes an extremely frightening and effective ride until the end. When renting the DVD, take the time for the alternate endings. There are about four and they reflect the dedication of the director. Though the one selected for the final product is the best, the other endings are still thoughtful and delightfully scary. Joy Ride is a must see for anyone who loves horror films.
candy cane..... i want to talk to candy cane...... hehe

Joy Ride is a helluva movie. Basically an homage to Stephen Spielberg's 1971 made-for-TV classic Duel, it's the story of three young people being terrorized by a malevolent trucker.

On his way to pick up his girlfriend from college, Lewis Thomas (Paul Walker) stops to bail his loser brother Fuller (Steve Zahn) out of jail. They pass the time by taunting a trucker on their CB radio. Of course the trucker turns out to be a psycho who terrorizes them until they finally think they've appeased him by offering him their abject apologies. But once Lewis and Fuller pick up Lewis' girlfriend (Leelee Sobieski), things start right up again with increased intensity, and the realization that this isn't just any trucker. A sense of the uncanny and possibly the supernatural starts to pervade the film. The tension is cranked up until by the end I was literally gritting my teeth and squirming in my seat.

This movie is smart, well directed, and scary as hell. My only complaint is that I really wanted Steve Zahn's character to die. Highly recommended.
Two brothers, Lewis (Paul Walker) and Fuller (Steve Zahn) are driving home cross-country. Fuller bullies Lewis into using the CB radio ("Prehistoric internet," Fuller calls it) to play a mean-spirited practical joke on a trucker, and it backfires horribly. The psychotic trucker comes after them, but they get away. Foolishly thinking they're out of danger, they pick up Venna (Leelee Sobieski), the girl Lewis has been pining for, on the way home. The mysterious trucker, who they know only by his CB handle, "Rusty Nail," goes further than they could ever imagine to exact his revenge. Zahn is pitch-perfect here, capturing both Fuller's charm and his stupid recklessness. Dahl builds the suspense beautifully, creating a real sense of being out on the highway in the middle of nowhere. The script, by Clay Tarver and J.J. Abrams, brings three strong characters to life with sharp, funny dialogue, fleshing out the bare bones of the plot.
what i think

a good movie witha good plot and great acting the story at times is over the top and far flecthed but still holds you wrist with a death grip
this movie isnt really scary i dont think it's suppose to be but it is edgy at times and had me on the edge of my sit
a good movie
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