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Journey to the Center of the Earth 2008

An heiress hires an anthropologist/adventurer to track down her husband who has disappeared while searching for a mythic passage to the center of the earth...

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In 2D, the graphics are fairly unimpressive, and the actual content of the flick is cute, but perhaps too kiddish to maintain any attentive respect from any viewer wanting more than a short, cute movie.
Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, a theme park ride masquerading as a feature-length film, is everything you've heard and seen in TV commercials and online, an effects-laden, set-piece heavy unplayable video game (don't worry, the playable version is on its way), thin on character depth, scientific logic, or a compelling storyline, and long on cheeseball dialogue and sentimental character interaction. If, however, you're willing to suspend your disbelief for approximately ninety minutes and let your inner eight-year old a chance to come out and play, you might find yourself thoroughly immersed in Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D. Then again, if you tend to take a more analytical attitude toward filmmaking, then Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D is definitely not for you.

Loosely (and the operative word here is "loosely") on Jules Verne's 19th century scientific romance (the precursor to science fiction), Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D throws us into the action right away, with a man running for his life from a Tyrannosaurus Rex in search of a snack between meals. It turns out to be just a dream, though. The dreamer, Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser), is a geologist with unorthodox views. Like his brother (the man in his dream), Max (Jean Michel Par
First off, let me say that I've actually seen Journey to the Center of the Earth, since there was an advanced screening in a nearby theater, and I happened to get some free passes in the mail as a promo. I went in with low expectations, hoping that I would be surprised, and Journey to the Center of the Earth wouldn't be the extremely cheesy, cliche action/adventure film I thought it would be. Even with such low expectations, the film didn't even come close to meeting them, and this sad title is exactly what i though it would be.

The film starts off at a pretty fast clip, with the opening scene being a dream of Trevor's (the main character) consisting of a man who looks like he got lost in a museum exhibit gone wild, as the man is being chased by dinosaurs and is surrounded by red hot lava. The scene barely lasts 20 seconds, however, and after the split second moment of suspense, the movie begins to unfold into a barrel of cliches, corny one-liners and boring story telling.

The three main characters consist of your generic every-man sort of hero, the rebellious teenager, and the pretty heroine that is the subject for light sexual innuendo and a love sub-story. Fraser does a pretty good job spicing up an otherwise lifeless character, and Hutcherson delivers some alright acting as an uninterested teen. Briem, however, does not create much with her mostly unexplained character, and ends up being just as forgettable as the cheesy jokes.

Though it's thin on plot, the visuals are the film's one saving grace. The special affects are pretty fantastic, and with the help of the 3-D glasses, Journey to the Center of the Earth ends up being a fairly spectacular movie to look at.

Though the special affects are done quite well, it is not enough to save the film from it's cliche'd fate. There are too many horrid one-liners to count, such as during a scene where Shawn (played by Hutcherson) must bat flesh-eating fish using a piece of wood. Because the situation mimics a baseball game, Shawn delivers such lines as "Line drive!" and "Out of the ballpark!" that not only take away from the precarious conflict the characters face, but also indicate a poor script for the actors to work with.

In the end, Journey to the Center of the Earth is an alright movie to bring little ones to for a family outing, but other than that, there is hardly any reason to cough up $15 to see this sub-par film. Aside from visuals, this film has a ridiculous amount of flaws, that, with enough time, could probably have been fixed. Unfortunately, they were not, and what we are left with is just another cliche with a cast that deserves so much more.

I thought this was a good movie. I actually prefer this as an all around family film to Wall*E. At about the same length their is more for the whole family in JttCotE than Wall*E. The narrative is there and carried by a few characters whereas Wall*E plays like a silent film for half of its run time. Normally I think this movie would generate some legs from WOM but I think TDK will destroy that possibility. I highly recommend seeing this as the 3-D was fun.

The movies had to do something. With home systems becoming more elaborate, and talk of simultaneous release dates for theatres, pay-per-view and DVD rental, many people are opting to stay at home and watch films. Often, the equipment, and therefore the experience is better, and of course you don't have ignorant people on cell phones or acting as if they were home, or some other dirty place. Hollywood knew it needed something to keep fans coming out to the theatres. Visiting the 50's, they rejuvenated 3D. This is a new and improved 3D, one that requires glasses, but certainly not those uncool red and blue lens cardboard contraptions. The new 3D can be viewed with normal-looking classes with smoky lenses. Most of Hollywood's more prestigious designers are creating 3D glasses as the next must have fashion accessory. There are 12 films scheduled for 3D treatment this year, four of which will be playing before the end of summer. First up competing for the box office dollar, a redo on the classic JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH.

Think of this film as Jules Verne light. Take all the elements of Verne's sci-fi tale that make it adult fare, like treachery, greed and the scientific and nationalistic communities, and eliminate them. That leaves you will all the parts the kids like, dinosaurs, volcanoes, giant mushrooms and falling down holes. Wrap it all up with cute glowing birds and the 3D effect and you have something that would make James Mason and even Pat Boone roll over in their graves.

Brendan Fraser, who seems quite comfortable making a living as everyone's ideal of the exasperated dad, stars as Trevor Anderson, a research professor longing to discover the circumstances surrounding his brother's disappearance. Josh Hutcherson is his nephew Sean, who becomes tangled in the adventure while on a family visit. And Anita Briem is Hannah Asgeirsson, daughter of the explorer who discovered the Center of the Earth. Fraser is at his family-oriented best, Hutcherson manages not to be annoying thanks largely to comfortable dialogue by Michael Weiss and Mark Levin, and Briem is typical for heroines today, spouting feminist mantras while not being 'hot' enough to make the listening worthwhile.





The 3D is a great gimmick for this film, otherwise, frankly, it would be mundane; something more suited for a family TV special. Problems exist, however, with the techniques. It seems the effect is lost when characters or creatures are center stage. The 3D becomes blurred and difficult to view.

Director Eric Brevig who is responsible for the Fist of Fiore Award winning effects in the Arnold's "Total Recall", takes his initial stab at the director's chair for JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. The coal mine scene is a direct rip-off of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom". The 3D gives it a twist, but it's obviously the same scene. And even though the film is released by New Line, generally known for its edgier endeavors, this version, under Brevig, is just a little too Disney.


This movie was so terrible it's a wonder where to begin. As a 3D movie or as a movie for kids, okay..but I could hardly stand to watch this. It's goofy and the acting is poor. The casting is poor. The historical accuracy is off. And sheesh! Who did the casting for this movie?! The actors and actresses just don't fit the rolls. There are moments where you just what to say "WTF" bc certain things just don't make the guy who steals from the boy and then runs through the whole town and steals a horse to get away. The whole thing just didn't make any sense. And then there are scenes that just appear so Green Screen-ish. It's like watching a youtube video in the begining part of the movie, because it's just done so poorly.
Save your money for another movie, such as Hancock.

An exceptionally thin plot, and so many unbelievable points to the story I gave up trying to make it make any sense. The 3D effects seemed to beg the director to throw things directly at the camera. The "gee whiz" effects, i.e. dinosaurs, a functional environment 4000 miles down, etc. could only work on the willing audience or the scientifically uninformed. It seemed like a movie that could be a lot of fun, if you are under the age of fourteen.
First movie I've been to in a long time (and I go to lots of movies) where most of the adults stood around afterwards telling perfect strangers how much they enjoyed the whole experience! Most of them said they could sit thru it again right now. Best movie I've seen in a long long time.
Ok, so I was extremely disappointed in the 3D version of Journey to the Center of the Earth. The movie, quite frankly, was horrible, and the 3/10 is just because of the 3D elements, which weren't even that good anyway. At least I have The Dark Knight to look forward to.

I'll probably be seeing Hellboy in the coming week or so, plus the dark knight, although I may have to wait a week after it comes out.

Until next time......
a remake of jules verne novel .the 1960 film stared pat boone and james mason. this one stars brendan fraser who goes looking for his missins brother. also stars anita breim. this one was a little different from the 1960 version but i still liked it..
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