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John Tucker Must Die 2006

Three ex-girlfriends of a serial cheater set up their former lover to fall for the new girl in town so they can watch him get his heart broken...

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Pretty good acting, funny jokes, dumb and uninteresting story line. Good for a watch if your just looking to waste some time.
this was cute
I know i'm getting too old for this kind of movie when I think one of the characters is hot and it turns out he's 2 years younger than me (Penn Badgley as Scott Tucker) very sad. Also when i'm older than 75% of the cast, oh well. Anyway, this movie was what I expected, a cheesy high school chick flick, but I did like it as I enjoy that genre. Good one to see with the girls if you like this sort of movie but if you don't, don't waste your money.
This was, overall, an OK movie. The begining was fun and- though an overused theme- it was interesting. However, there came a point in the movie where the director got this thing in his head to make the character of John Tucker likeable, and after that the movie goes downhill.
The end is very predictable and overall the characters are very steryotyped.
The little ending clips (in the credits) were weird. The first was sick in a funny sort of way, the other, just dumb.
I also didn't like the way all the girls in their high school all had "perfect" bodies.

So anyway, it was okay, but kinda lame. Ok? ok...
I dunno, this movie was good, yet not.

There were a lot of loose ends in this film. They would start, for instance, with filming what the girls were doing to John Tucker, but nothing really comes of the video...till the end, and that doesn't really happen.
Again, they would go with something and then totally forget about it and later your like 'oh, what happened there?'

It was funny though, i give it that. i LOVED whenever the thong scene happened...oh it was great.

If you see it, stay for a bit when credits are rolling, there are little clips here and there.


My Grade: B

The whole cast here including Brittany Snow (of American Dreams fame) & Jesse Metcalfe (of Desperate Housewives fame) as the main leads have great chemistry on-screen. The other females leads including r&b singer Ashanti, Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill) & Arielle Kebbel (American Pie: Band Camp) put on an absolutely hilarious, yet well acted performance as the trio of John Tucker's most recent ex-girlfriends. The rest of the supporting cast including Jenny McCarthy (who suprisingly plays Brittany Snow's mom) make this one complete. So if you have enjoyed comedies such as Mean Girls, Heathers & She's the Man then you will definately enjoy John Tucker Must Die. Even if you don't check it out in theaters, then I totally recommend this one when it hits DVD. PEACE OUT!!!
This film had one of the most shallow plots of any movie I have seen. When the credits started rolling, my only thought was, "Are you kidding?" The movie was not horrid, and I chuckled quietly during a scene or two, but I am glad the experience is behind me.

I am quite tired of dumb teen movies that have all the same elements:

1. Highschoolers that are anything but: These kids look like they are over 20.
2. An endless stream of sex jokes: Contrary to popular belief, teens do talk about other topics.
3. Thread-bare plot line: Can no one come up with a plot other than the "get back at the hot guy"?
4. Cheesy ending

I could go on and on and on, but then I would be just like this waste of an hour.

John Tucker Must Die wasn't the horrible laughless piece of junk I was expecting it to be, but it's not worth the time to go see. Even though John Tucker Must Die had its moments, overall it felt like a fairly pale Mean Girls wannabe. Unless you're a huge fan of highschool chick flicks you should probably stay away.

There are some jokes in JTMD that had me laughing fairly hard, and I was entertained throughout, but when I left the theater I instantly forgot almost everything that had happened in the movie. The problem with JTMD was that it lacked personality or punch. It seemed like a mixture of every teen comedy ever made. It also attempted to be a blend of sweet and sour, which didn't quite work. It wasn't sweet enough, or sour enough. It should have just settled for one or the other. And all throughout the movie I just kept thinking of how similar this and Mean Girls were. Sometimes it definitely felt like a retread of that film.

So, JTMD is a fairly fun movie to watch with friends and maybe worth watching for a few good laughs, but don't expect anything very good or original. I doubt I will even remember seeing this movie in a few months!

:rotten: ** (out of ****)
At one time I thought Armaggedon was the worst movie ever made. However, this movie has changed my mind after so many years. This was easily the worst movie ever made. I don't even want to waste my time talking about it.
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