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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001

The comic 'Bluntman and Chronic' is based on real-life stoners Jay and Silent Bob, so when they get no profit from a big-screen adaptation they set out to wreck the movie...

Release Date:
August 24, 2001
104 min
Kevin Smith
James Van Der Beek, Will Ferrell, Matt Damon, ...
Comedy, Adventure

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Solar rating: 9.2


Imdb rating: 6.9

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Classic movie, still good after 13 yrs..... 8.5/10
****/**** a jay and silent bob movie, who would want to go see that:D
Jay and Silent Bob, the Rosencratz and Guildenstern of all of Kevin Smith's films (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma) here get a chance to be the leading protagonists of a feature film. Smith makes a critical error in elevating these cult figures to the level of movie heroes. While Silent Bob (played by director Smith himself) is a relatively passable sideshow, Jason Mewes as Jay is relentlessly obnoxious and really begins to irritate the viewer. While Jay was a hilarious character in films past (although to my eyes, Silent Bob was always funnier), he was always a supporting player who popped up for three-minutes of profanity-laden pontificating. When stretched out to feature length, he becomes downright unbearable. To cover up this fundamental flaw in the movie, Smith loads Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back with heaps of in-jokes, celebrity cameos (including ex-Smith alumni like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon) and obscure references to entertain his devout following. Some of them are funny (particularly the barbs at Miramax pictures and the hilariously violent sequel to Good Will Hunting), but most of them are too smugly aware of their own hip postmodernism. That is the problem that plagues the entire film, and, coupled with the obnoxious central character, makes it a film well worth missing. Gone is the humanity that Smith displayed in Chasing Amy, and one wonders if perhaps the adulation that he has received from diehard Gen-X fans has gone to the director's head.

This movie is so funny there's no way i was giving it less than 10. only the 3rd time i've seen it, but it gets funnier every time. so many actors and so many funny moments. you really have to see all of the kevin smith movies in order to appreciate some of the jokes, i give it 10 on 10 for pure fun. (p.s. for anyone who reads all these, i realise i skipped DOGMA, but i saw it on tv a couple weeks ago and figured i'll write a review when i sit down and watch my dvd version)
kevin smith's wife is way hotter than i expected her to be. buy the dvd if you dont have it. his kid is so cute is worth it. just DONT look at the scooby doo extra, cause well, just DONT.
and dont say i didnt warn you.
Hilarious. Pick it up now, need I say any more? This movie about two skeevy stoners who are on a trip to stop a movie about them (not to mention them being flamed on the internet), which if released would entitle them to millions of dollars. Can they complete their epic quest? Or will the bong-brothers face cold hard defeat. Find out in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Nice intro, eh?
Have you ever seen two people, and the girl is far far prettier than what the guy deserves? Like the girl could be on the cover of Maxim and the guy looks like Nick Nolte's mug shot? Well today I was watching MTV Cribs.... Shannon Elizabeth. Now if you've seen this episode you know what I'm talking about. For those that havnt, picture Shannon, damn shes hot. How many times have we seen that scene in American Pie where shes standing in all her naked gloriousness. Or nakedness glory. Shes even more beautiful in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Instant hot, take an already hot girl and add tight black leather, also see Carrie Anne Moss and that chick from Underworld. Anyways, shes beautiful, but the guy shes married to! He's done nothing, but on Cribs they show his stuff too. And whats his stuff? Mixing room? Entertainment system? No! Its a pyramid of Krispy Kreme boxes and Starbucks coffee cups. You fat fuck! If you've ever seen the porno from Kazaa where the petite girl does a hand stand while getting plowed by a hairy tatooed guy (no not Ricky) then I swear you've seen her boyfriend. Which brings me to, how is he banging Shannon Elizabeth and I'm sitting here typing this. Well, its one of two things, either he has money, which I have none, or he has a big crank, which I do too, but isnt publicly known...... yet. Anyways, I just felt like venting on fat dumb fucks with hot girlfriends, because one day someone will have the same complaint about me.
Alright...being a Jersey boy before moving to Las Vegas, I really enjoy Smith's movies. I do. The fact is, while his writing of dialogue is great, his movies always seem to lack something.

Chasing Amy is without a doubt his best work. I tend to like movies that draw me in on an emotional level. For this, Amy wins the Golden Deaner Award. The only thing I don't get about the movie is how does Holden (Affleck) go from what Silent Bob (Smith) and ask fingercuffs for a threesome? A weak ending is the only thing that haunts this film.

Clerks is absolutely the funniest movie Smith has done. But, there are problems with the acting. This isn't all Smith's fault as he had to get who he could get for the shoestring budget. There are some really funny sequences in this film, and if you ever jockeyed a register, than you know.

I love Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...that doesn't mean it's a great film. It is funny. And I love Will Ferrall. All in all though, it's not on par with what makes a film a great film.

The other two films...are okay. Dogma is kind of annoying. Matt Damon does all he can...but, not enough. Mallrats is Mallrats. Kida funny...but falls flat.
Hmm...really dont know what to say. Just feel really really frustrated. I really dont see why this is happening. Shit happens i guess, but i really dont know what i am going to do about this situation. She's come out of nowhere and instant messanged me. Why? I wish i knew. I dont know what i am feeling right now. I just know that if she has only tried to contact me because she wants something, or she needs sympathy, or if she is trying to criticize me for choices that i have made, or things that i have done...then she is making a mistake. I will not put up with it. At all. I have never yelled at her before...never had the chance. When i found out some of the truth, it was too late. But i can vent that finally if this is why shes contacting me. My own personal closure for a time that feels so fuckin long ago. Seriously though, if she doesnt like who i have become...then i can really only relate this to how Dr. Frankenstein felt when he created his daemon. If she seriously wants to talk...and set things straight, no more lies, no more dishonesty,...then i can try to do that, and give my self my own peace of mind for my own sake. But i really do not know what she wants. "I want to cut all ties with Richmond, Indiana. It is what is best for me. I hate this town and I never want to come back." Well, last time i ass is firmly planted here in Indiana...for atleast a few more years. Until I have saved up enough to buy my own house with out needing a loan. That would be great. But fuck it though, i have dwelt on this long enough. I have already made it perfectly clear that if she wants to talk to me, chat away. Tonight, Kill Bill vol. 2 comes out! So far, Jon, maybe Jon's ex's cousin Courntey (might be her name?), Ellie, and I are going to go see it. It should kick ass. Lots of people have been wondering who Ellie is? Well, shes really cool. Shes a pretty good friend...and i talk to her...well all the time. She is a great friend, and we will leave it at that. Anyways, I am out. I will talk to ya later journal.

Yesterday my whimsical friend decided that she wanted to go get her cartilage pierced. I do not know anything about tatoos or piercings, so I didn't know where to go. She said she knew of a place in Leonardo (a town about 15 minutes from my house) that would do it. I told her not to get it done ther ebecause I heard it was really disgusting (Leonardo is not exactly the nicest place). We went there and attached to it was the Quick-Stop. Yes, the run-down convenience store in Clerks. I was so excited when we pulled up. I was screaming "OMG, it's the Clerks store!" Yes, I jumped in my seat. My clueless friend had no idea what I was talking about. The disgusting tattoo/piercing place wasn't even open, but I couldn't help but jump out of the car and run into the Quick-Stop. I was hoping to see Dante, hell, I'd even take the verbally abusive Randall standing behind the counter. Instead it was an Indian man and I can't say I'm not disappointed. I bought a pack of gum (Spearmint Orbit is the best) so now I will be able to say I am a patron of the store.

Due to this special occasion, I thought I would throw in Clerks for another viewing. I have a signed copy of it, which I bought in Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash (about 5 minutes from my house). I loved it once again. Smith really has an ear for conversational dialogue. It's such a sharp witted film. It's one of the most quotable movies, and one of my favorite comedies. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back takes place there too (for about the first 5 minutes), so I figured I'd rate it too. I have seen it twice and come to the conclusion that it is a good in-joke, but doesn't stand on its own as a good film.

I also have a minor dilemma...What should I see this weekend? Kill Bill Vol. 2 or I'm Not Scared?

I'm going to Six Flags tomorrow for Physics Day. Finally, something that almost makes me taking Physics worthwhile...almost...
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