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Jaws 1975

When a gigantic great white shark begins to menace the small island community of Amity, a police chief, a marine scientist and grizzled fisherman set out to stop it...

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Imdb rating: 8.1

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Love this movie. Love the scenes with Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw together.
Me too!! It's almost like two films, the way it switches from the Island to the boat. The story line of the shark is good, but it's really the characters and the way they interact that make this a true classic.
I love this movie!
I'm still afraid to go in the ocean!
still one of the best movies made. saw it as a teenager when it was released.
Pretty decent movie.. but not nearly as exciting/scary/suspenseful as I thought it would be. In fact, the ride at Universal Studios is better than the movie itself, I think. Maybe it's just too old.. I'm not a fan of '70s movies apparently. I think I prefer Peter Benchley's '90s miniseries, The Beast. Although, sadly, Jaws was the best movie I watched all day.

You know.. I actually kinda feel bad for Jaws. It's not like he's the spawn of satan, he's just trying to be the best shark he can be! :(
Pusherman musta seen this film a million times. But he don't care. Why?

Cause he don't.

I watched it again because my friend and I were arguing which film was better, Fugitive or Jaws. I was in support of the latter. Jaws is just more memorable, and yes it's mechanical, but the shark is still a menacing, cold-blooded villain. I loved Roy Schneider ("We need a bigger boat") in the film. It's still a classic, and it will always be one.

And the other argument was who is the better actor, Tommy Lee Jones or Jack Nicholson? I took Nicholson in the argument. And also which show was better, Fresh Prince or Sanford And Son (My Fav of all time)?
There are only a handful of films that all people can agree are truly great. These films go beyond the mere movie screen and become a part of pop culture. They can be interpreted a thousand different ways by a thousand different people and still be called wonderful for a thousand unique reasons. They can go beyond the genre that they are a part of and become more of a statement about humanity as a whole. They can show the entire spectrum of human emotion while staying within the confines of a simple story. These works of art are called masterpieces, and no film defines that term more then this one.

JAWS was originally a book written by Peter Benchley. The novel is a brilliant retelling of the classic story Moby Dick within modern times. For those of you who don't know... A small resort town is in danger of losing all of its tourism dollars when a monster shark comes to the area. The shark problem is urgent as many people in the town rely on the beach for business. A small group of people including the town sheriff, an oceanographer and a crazy old fisherman decide to take on the monster shark themselves, but they might've bitten off a lot more then they can chew.

Trying to sum up all the reasons why this movie is a perfect masterpiece is impossible within the limited space of a movie review. I'll just touch on a few big reasons. First off, the acting is dead on; each of the characters is done incredibly realistically. They show real pain, real thinking, real remorse, and they never make an unrealistic decision. Throughout the movie we get to know these people very well as each one is brimming with individuality and personality. Robert Shaw's mad fisherman is perhaps the best-portrayed character in film history. He steals every scene he's in (which is hard because the entire cast is great) and he even, while telling the story of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, gave the world the best scene ever put on celluloid. Utter genius. The directing here also has to be mentioned since it marked the arrival of a young Steven Spielberg into the list of all time great directors. His innovative use of underwater shots, water level shots, over shoulder shots, etc. helped to keep the audience tense and guessing. This coupled with the brilliant soundtrack allowed Spielberg to keep the audience terrified while not even showing the shark until halfway through the film.

While JAWS was definitely a horror movie, it actually kept thousands of people out of the water for a while, it managed to successfully insert elements from other genres. Without looking hard, one can easily find romance, comedy, drama and even mystery scattered around. The great thing about JAWS is that each of these were done with the same quality as the horror elements, they were never just thrown in or tacked on but developed evenly. Some of the jokes in here are hilarious, and range from highbrow to lowbrow depending on the character involved. The Sheriff is very complex and we ride through his life seeing the love for his friends and family, his own quirky sense of humor as he deals with the townspeople, and final his rage and fear as he encounters the shark. Every theme and emotion that exists is in here somewhere. Very cool. I have to say that this is my favorite movie, not just in horror, but ever. It shows what can be done when talented people get together and display a real love for their work. The result has been studied, copied, admired, but never duplicated... And it probably never will be. So go watch it and be prepared to never go skinny-dipping again.

The production was wrought with all kinds of problems (mostly related to their poorly engineered mechanical shark). But it forced Spielberg to be creative when filming the big showdown, rather then having the shark swimming around in front of the camera for extended periods, its appearances are quick and short, more focus is on the actions of the people to this invisible threat, making for a much more thrilling movie.

Anyway, back to work on my vids...

It was long time coming, but I finally saw it. I commend Spielberg and Co. for the special effects. It has really stood the age of time. If this was to made today the shark would look like a CGI character. The story was a little lacking. It didn't turn out to be a masterpiece as other people would say. Still a good movie though.
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