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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday 1993

Serial killer Jason Voorhees' supernatural origins are revealed...

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Imdb rating: 4.3

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Maybe good for it's time, but for me, in this day and age it got kinda uninteresting after the first 20 and I had to skip through it. Watch Jason X or Freddy vs Jason for a better experience.
I love all the Jason movies! You just don't see much of him in this one


--The final shot was pretty neat. It was some nice foreshadowing for the 2003 release "Freddy vs. Jason".


--In theory the plot works (Jason is finally killed, but his spirit is still alive, and is using other human vessels to kill victims), but it is done in such a stale, bodies-hit-the-floor manner that the idea is completely wasted. I thought that finally the Friday series would've had a (somewhat) original idea but it is not to be. And what the hell was up with all the senseless add-ins, such as Jason's sister? Is this one of the "Halloween" movies? No, just a lame-ass rip off of any of them (they're not all that different) as well as a bunch of other movies too. And my Jesus Christ in heaven and well...what in God's name was UP with those absolutely TERRIBLE creepy crawly that came out the necks of Jason's vessels?

--Kill all the characters, and kill them fast. I hated everyone, not unusual. Damn that Duke guy was annoying, as was that oompa loompa with a gun who worked at the coffee shop. You're just urging for not-Jason to kill these sons and daughters of bitches and bastards, but then the kills aren't even bloody satisfying (like the pun?)!

--Where was the kills, the gore, the jumps, the suspense, and the JASON VORHEES? This is a Friday the 13th movie, RIGHT? There were hardly any memorable kills (the one in the tent was pretty neat, but nothing else), the gore was very non-existent and this movie was about as scary as a lollipop. The lack of Jason hurt the film seriously, he's the best thing about the Friday series and he's in "Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday" for about 3-5 minutes.

--I was so damn bored during this movie. I just wasn't interested in it at felt like torture to me, and seemed to run about 5 million hours long. The pace was slow, the story sucked and I just couldn't give two craps about anything that was going on!

--I have to put another bad point here, because I feel that I just haven't quite covered how truly bad this film is. What I would really love is for everyone who owns a copy (what are you doing OWNING this film? I hope you didn't pay for it!) or has ever seen one to pick it up and chuck it into a fire so the movie can BURN AND GO TO HELL!


0/10 - I'd rather file my nails and shave my legs all day than watch this terrible piece of crap again. It makes "Jason Takes Manhattan" look like "The Others".


Watching it again, to see how truly TERRIBLE it is. Ugh. I need a shower.
A much needed day off is finally coming to a close. I didn't get much rest, but at least I got to relax a bit.

Started the day off with Jason Goes to Hell, looking for some cheese. It worked OK for a Jason flick, and kept my interest for most of its runtime. Still not good at all, but it's a good flick to mock, and the final shot is worth the price of admission.

Hung out here for a while until it was time for the opening of The Punisher, a flick I've been psyched to see for many moons. I've always loved the idea of The Punisher (I'm a sucker for revenge flicks), and I got what I wanted out of it. Solid direction, performances, and action scenes kept it rolling well. Hopefully I'll have a review done tomorrow.

Then it was back home, where my best friend snagged me. She took me out for dinner, and then we went to another movie, The Girl Next Door. A second viewing for me, it held up well. A really solid comedy.

So what do we decide to do after the movie? Watch another movie! Kill Bill Vol. 1, which she hadn't seen yet. I'd just watched it on tuesday, but I didn't mind, it's fun to see girls squeam at violence.

That ended, and 2 AM was upon us....but wait...what do we hear? My roomate and friends watching The Italian Job (2004) in the living room! We'd seen it together in theater five times, but couldn't pass it up. So I watched the end of that too, despite my tiredness. Damn, I still love it.

That's it. Sat around chatting for a while, came here to see what's up, and now it's time to hit the sack. Via con dios, muchachos!
I think I remember being slightly emotionally invested in this movie. Pretty bizarre if you asked me though...

This movie wasn't that bad but what it does is, it takes away Jason. Jason is only in the beginning and end. You do get to see him in the mirror when he takes over peoples body but that's it. It really doesn't fit in with the other Friday the 13th movies. The people who made this different tried something different. It works sometimes but not for the whole movie. The movie is flawed and has many dumb characters but thats nothing new from the earlier movies. The best part of the movie is the end. It does a good job of setting up Freddy vs Jason. As a movie, Jason goes to hell is bad. As a Friday the 13th movie, its a little below average because taking away Hockey Masked Jason leaves you with nothing in the end. If you are a fan of Friday the 13th you MAY want to give this a look but if you didnt like any other of the Friday the 13th movies, you probably wont like this one. As for me, I thought it was just okay but it just doesnt feel like a Friday the 13th movie. The absence of Jason makes this movie less enjoyable. I only bought this dvd just to complete my F13 collection. This movie does score some points for being something different , which is really rare in the Friday the 13th franchise.

Rating- 4/10
"Jason Goes To Hell" works!
Remember the good old days, when such movies as The Silence of the Lambs and Schindler's List were made? It's hard to imagine that those movies were made right around the time that Jason Goes To Hell was.

In the beginning Jason is killed AGAIN (seems like a slightly over-used action in this series), only he doesn't stay that way, much to the dismay of the audience. See, a doctor who works on his corpse eats his beating heart. No, you read correct. The doctor eat's Jason's beating heart, for reasons unknown. So, for some odd reason, that man becomes Jason, and starts going around killing people (another new idea for the Friday the 13th Team).

There really is no plot, no acting, no diolague, and the only acting is seeing a few people get cut open (oh boy).

Overall, Jason Goes to Hell is an insult to anyone who has ever help make a movie, and anyone who has even appreciated a movie for that matter.
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