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James and the Giant Peach 1996

An orphan with terrible aunts for guardians, befriends human like bugs who live inside a giant peach, who take the boy on a journey to New York City...

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I just watched a quality film named "James
and The Giant Peach", I have to say
I was very impressed on all levels of the film:
The acting was good, the soundtrack was
awesome by a couple of good medleys by
Randy Newman, the story was quite interesting,
but above what intrigued is that the character
of James is a character many people cant
identify with. Now some idiot might say what
identify with a kid who gets converted to small
size and spends his adventures inside
a giant peach with insects at his friends? LOL
It's that kind of narrow thinking by a narrow
critic that tries to subdue the great qualities
and messages the film has, and I will explain
them all and you will see this film is not
just a film for kinds to enjoy but adults
too, adults who don't have any inspiration
to follow their dreams like James does.


James (Paul Terry) is a nice and quite moral little
boy who has two loving parents. While near the
beach, he and his mom get killed (although this
is not shown since it's a PG film) by a rhinoceros.
Yes this is a fantasy film in part and there
are many magical elements in the film. James
custody then is then taken over by two ugly
aunts: Aunt Spiker (Joanna Lumley from "Absolutely
Fabulous" fame) and Aunt Sponge (Miriam Margolyes)
who are classic examples of adults who abuse their
children. They are the classic example of the
trash and evil nature that exist in all
wretched adults who seek exploit others
for their wealth. In fact, James's Aunts use
him as basically a slave to work around the house.
They starve him and feed the breadcrumbs that are
in the trash. They yell at him when James wants
to make new friends and talk to kids who he can't
relate to. Nah it doesn't get much lower than
quality of life Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker have
on James. One day a mysterious man gives James
a mysterious bag full of crocodile tongues I believe,
which he says are magic and can make James dreams come
true. In this case, James dream was to go to New York City
and see Empire State Building. It was actually
both James parent's dreams and James dream. However, even
though James parent's are long gone, James still
wants to go to New York an accomplish the dream
he and his parents set out to do. This is one
impressive kid, he has a big heart and the kind
of determination that almost no adults have nowadays.
That's one lesson of the film right there , which
is not to give up on one's dream, it's literally
embodied in this great kid.

So this special bag of magic combines with a small peach to
grow into a gigantic peach which Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker
capitalize for their own selfish profits!!!!
Now if you think this made James's life any easier
youd be wrong. Nope James's life continues as before,
even wore as his rich selfish Aunt have become greedier
and more manipulative and more vindictive. It's
hard to believe that these "aunts" are the blood
relative of James. Now before I go on, I couldn't
help but think of James and Harry Potter. Sure Harry
Potter was an orphan, but he and James are taken in
by their slimy relatives who basically want to exploit
and abuse them without any rights whatsover. Potter eventually escapes his vile relatives and so does James. Potter becomes one of the most loved characters at Hogwarts and James also near the end
(without revealing too much) becomes
one of the most loved kids in the world. Anyhow James
interests in the peach grows huge to the point with the
aid of the magic bad of tongues , James becomes
magically converted to small size and invades the beach.
Inside the beach, James discovers a group of zany
characters all symbolizing common day insects who
have now made James the center of attention.
James meeting the characters of Mr. Grasshopper (Simon
Callow), Mr. Centipede (Richard Dreyfuss), Ms. Ladybug
(Jane Leeves from Frasier), Ms. Spider (Susan
Sarandon), learns that they have been watching
him as he is mistreated by his aunts and know that
James dreams of going to New York City.
Eventually James learns that the characters not only
want to go with him but they are going to help him
on his journey as well. This is a great movie
about friendship as well. Let's face facts it's not
likely James would have gone to New York on his own,
but these group of wonderful friends give
the help and encouragement to do it, when he needs it.

When James and the group decide on a plan to go to New
York City, they're journey is stalled by several
dangerous adventures which include a metallic
shark, dead caribbean pirates, and the hazardous
condition which threaten to end their journey.
However that isn't stopping anyone and James and
his friends, as a group are determined to make it
New York and James is determined to make his
and his parents dream come true....

As you can see you can describe the movie any better
than better, and the movie itself is loaded with
amazing special effects that elevate this entertaining
fantasy world that James has now come into contact with.
In fact when I first looked at the effects, I thought
I was watching another classic fantasy film like
in "The Nightmare Before Christmas", and guess
what both films were directed by the same
great director, Henry Selick. I was success and an eye
for greatness embodied in fantasy is a signature for
Selick. He really outdoes himself here.

Sony Imageworks and a trio of great animators provide
the stop motion technology and animation that
make the world of James and The Giant Peach so fantastic.

Speaking of fantastic the voice talents in this film
are all great with Sarandon, Dreyfuss , Leeves, and
David Thewlis as Mr. Earthworm are great, you can tell
that they captured the characters really well, but
the person who outshines them is Paul Terry as James,
he give's quite a performance and I couldn't think
anyone better to do the role he did.

So as you can see James and The Giant Peach is far
from being just a kids flick, it's that kind of stupid
attitude that shows the true ignorance of so called
critics who we'll miss out on the many meanings of
films like "James and The Giant Peach". In fact
one critic even mentioned that the film brings
up ideas by Karl Marx for example the relationship
of the slave, and master which are true in some regard,
but above this a film that really does capture the spirit
of having a dream and not quitting until he or she
achieves that dream, because as you watch the ending,
you can see in the ending, that James's dream really
affects many people, not just himself.

I could go and on about how great "James and The Giant
Peach" but I think I've nailed everything good about it,
all that's left now is to recommend the film to those
who haven't seen it.

So go see "James and The Giant Peach" now, you won't
regret it.
:mad: i really wanted to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but it's not playing around me. If I was legally able to drive I would drive myself to Rhinebeck and watch it but since I have to wait a month to get my permit I can't. My family is just gay and won't take me because it's a ways away but the drive is well worth it to me! "MOTHER TUCKERS!":mad:
so now i'm just dwelling on how much I want more dvds!! I only have around 30 or so and need/want more desperately!! I need a job. haha.
:rotten: Leslie

I also notice that the scene where James and the Spider (I forget her name) go to rescue Centipede, the pirate skellington looks exactly like Jack. It has the same face, body, and walk. I was like starting freaking out and my brother was like 'what? what?'. Yeah I thought that was pretty cool.

I give this movie a 10/10
:) Aaawww! This is a sweet movie. I remember I've watched this like a million times when I was little. Anyway, I love, especially that part where they partied inside the big peach. The happy ending was cool, even though I half suspected that it would end up like a big dream or something, but I was glad that it wasn't a dream. I'm still confused of what the big cloud of a rhinocerous was....still don't know what it was....maybe I need to read the book...O well. Sweet movie. Watch it if you haven't watched it for a long time.:)

Rating::fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh:
james and the giant peach is based on children's book and now it's a movie.
but it is a pretty boring movie.
the story goes nowhere, the acting is very dull, the direction of the movie
is awful and the special effcts are really cheesy looking.

the story basically is a boy goes to live with his two aunts after his parents
are killed by rhinos.
do we care that james's parents are killed the answer is no beacuse at point
in the movie we just don't give a damn.

the aunts are hateful and very boring characters.

the movie runs about 90 minuets but it feels much longer beacuse the
audience is very bored with the movie.

there might be some kids that really enjoy the movie but i think that most
kids will be bored with the film.

james and the giant peach is one of the worst family movies in a long time.
Comments pending.
I can't wait until LADDER 49 comes out in theatres on Oct. 1st. I've heard it's really good and really sad so that's my must see for next weekend. That would probably be my next review, I know i haven't done reviews for a long time cause I have been very busy but I wont for LADDER 49. I think what John Travolta did at the Oprah show is so nice. GOD BLESS AMERICA

Well I'm at school in class so i can't type no more. I'll be back
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James and
the Giant Peach (1996)

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