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if it only was this easy
great movie!
I loved it!!! ... if you are not busy being born, you are busy dying... so true
This was good entertainment, It's Kind of a Funny Story ;)
A feel good about yourself sort of movie, with a things aren't as bad as they seem message. Works for me... 7.5/10
After watching the trailer, I think I was expecting a bit more comedy. I know better than to watch a comedy trailer, but did it anyway.

It was a good movie, but I thought if the timing and writing were a bit tighter could have been a great movie. Oh!! please please don't vote me down ;)
A very sweet story. Thanks :)
great story....really well done-meaningful to all of us who have been through the dark night of the soul ..although the story is lighter in fare..I always found the most interesting people were those who had the courage to walk through the fire and were not afraid to live from that raw place...definitely not understood by media culture.
It's kind of a verrrry nice story... love it
Gotta love this movie! Good job on the acting and an amazing story that can lift you from your crappy mood :D
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