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Invincible 2006

Based on the story of Vince Papale, a 30-year-old bartender from South Philadelphia who overcame long odds to play for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles in 1976...

Release Date:
August 25, 2006
105 min
Ericson Core
Mark Wahlberg, Patrick M. Walsh, Frederick Strother, ...
Drama, Biography, Sport ...

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Solar rating: 8


Imdb rating: 7.1

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Good hope to the underdogs.
Great Movie
Wow is the best movie football
Invincible is the story of Vince Papale, a down on his luck schlep who tries out for the Philadelphia Eagles and against all odds makes the football team. If it seems rather formulaic, it is; but that doesn't stop it from being an entertaining sports film. Mark Whalberg plays Papale and does an admirable job at making Papale into a likeable hero.

The film starts out with the Eagles losing to the Cincinnati Bengals 31-0, ushering a change in the Eagles organization. It also ushers in a change in Vince's life, shortly thereafter Vince loses his substitute teaching job and his wife leaves him. Then Dick Vermeil (Greg Kinnear) is named coach and opens up tryouts in a sort of publicity stunt but ends up finding a diamond in the rough.

That's right Papale catches the eye of Vermeil and he is invited to training camp. He's never really accepted by the rest of the Eagles but Papale works through it all determined not to let everyone down again, most of all himself and finally he makes the squad. Along the way we are given some comedic relief, by way of the crazed Eagles fans and a romantic undertone, by way of a football loving bartender, Janet (Elizabeth Banks) who just happens to be beautiful but likes the New York Giants.

A lot of the film, outside of the football sequences, are set at night and everything seems rather dark and moody, matching the tone of Vince's pals who are all fighting for work in a town where it seems everyone is on strike. I feel slightly ashamed to say that despite living in Philadelphia and the surrounding area my entire life I had no knowledge of this dark time in the city. Vince of course is seen as a beacon of light for the city to latch on too. He's easy to latch on too and so is the story. Invincible isn't anything extra-ordinary but it will leave you feeling good about yourself a while after the film is over.

7 out of 10

The Wasteland
Me being a huge football fan and movie fan I was going to see this eventually. Mark Wahlberg did a lot of the pratice scenes and he is believible as a football player. The movie was about a bar tender who gets a once in a lifetime chance to become a NFL player. Invincible was a good underdog story and with the football season right around the corner it's just in time.

I liked it and I thought it was gonna be crap but it turned out pretty good by the way!

Initial Reaction: A superhero film?

Main Characters

Vince Papale: He's a bartender/wanna be football player. He's played by Mark Wahlberg.

Janet Cantwell: She's a New York Giant fan in Philadelphia. She's played by Elizabeth Banks.

Dick Vermeil: He's the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. He's played by Greg Kinnear.

Tommy: He's one of Vince's friends. He's played by Kirk Acevedo.

Plot Summary

It was the end of the 1975 season and the Philadelphia Eagles were losing -- bad. The fans weren't happy and the coach was fired.

Next year, the new head coach, Dick Vermeil, had open tryouts. Anyone who wanted to be and Eagle, just show up at Veterans Stadium and try out.

Meanwhile Vince has problems of his own -- he got laid off at his teaching job and his wife of five years leaves him overnight. His buddies at the bar convince him to try out for the Eagles; they think he can make the team.

A whole lot of guys show up for the tryouts, but they all fail because they're not up to snuff. All but Vince. The coach likes what he sees in Papale, and offers him a spot in mini camp.

During the training camp, Vince has the thought that he was going to be cut at any moment. But the days and weeks go on, and the Eagles keep him on the roster. And after each successive day, Vince starts thinking he may actually make the team.

Oh and there's a romance between Vince and Janet.


Main Characters

The guys are great -- especially Vince; he isn't overconfident and doesn't try to showboat; he is a down to earth type of guy.

However, Janet falls very short. It was nice to see how Philadelphia Eagles fans react to a New York Giant fan, but the romance just feels out of place in this film. SCORE: 8.

Supporting Cast
The members of the Eagles are okay -- some just want to rookie to just go back to bartending. But most of them are just your average football players -- nothing to see here. SCORE: 5


Sure, if you seen two underdog sports films, then you know how this film's going to turn out. But the honesty and the "real feel" of this film makes the story much more enjoyable. SCORE: 8


See Plot SCORE: 8

Violence Factor

Football is a violent game, but there's nothing dirty about the way they played. There's no gross injuries or hideous hits; it's just clean football. SCORE: 8

Other Moral Issues

This film is about going for your dreams -- no matter how old you are, you can do it. Well, nobody will play football in the NFL in their fifties, but it's a good message still. SCORE: 7

Final Score (out of 60): 44 % Score: 73.33%

This is a good film -- if you can forgive them using the same underdog formula as in several other sports films.
This was a very good movie. It showed what it is like to try and make an NFL roster and go through the grind of training camp. It showed the pressure of performing in a game and how it is more about heart than ability. It also is a good movie specifically for Eagles fans because of its history. The acting by Greg Kinnear and Mark Wahlberg was also very good.
A nice. uplifting movie. Very enjoyable.

Like most sport movies, I thought this movie was very enjoyable. I am bias though. I like most movies that are about the "all American hero" type. If you like sports and movies based off true events, you will like this movie. Unlike a lot of the others, it was more about the game and Vince Papale's struggles rather than deep relationships formed by the team.
Great movie for all sports fans.
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