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Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem 2003

A continuation of the story told in the Daft Punk music videos "One More Time," "Aerodynamic," "Digital Love," and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger...

Release Date:
November 10, 2003
68 min
Kazuhisa Takenouchi
Romanthony, Thomas Bangalter
Animation, Action, Adventure, ...
France, Japan

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Solar rating: 8.9


Imdb rating: 7.9



First time i see something like this, Daft Punk make another please.
I own this on dvd, but saw it iin the list...As Daft Punk's bigest an I would like 2 urge everyone to see this! It is simply amazing!
Hey byte., been reading my mind again? Thanks for puottong this up on a server that streams it well.

Great tunes and a fun flick, especially if you're into daftpunk.

Coolness! Of course you have to be a fan of Daft Punk to appreciate it, since there's no dialogue here, only music. Loved the animation, very 80's. The love story was more involving than one could've guessed.
Every time I watch Interstella 5555, I have this intense feeling of nostalgia that makes the movie engrossing. Very rarely have I ever felt such emotional depth from characters in a silent film. Shep, the hero, single-handedly makes the story line compelling. While the album is one of my favorites! it does have a few low points towards the end, but doesn't affect the overall enjoyability of the movie at all.
Kazuhisa Takenochi had a visit to make an animated film done completely to music. He wanted you to be able to feel the film and not have to listen to words. It worked. The movie was done completely to the music of Daft Punk. Each song fit with each scene and you could easily figure out what each character was thinking. I do admit it was a strange sci fi type story, but it really does work to the music of Daft Punk. The animation was also pretty good and back when hand drawn was taking over the world. Nice film.
Interstella 5555 is a hard movie to rate. While everything about it is great, if you don't like Daft Punk, the movie becomes a waste of time. I can't think of why you wouldn't enjoy them, but that is neither here nor there. Getting on to the good in this film, the visuals are certainly wonderful. Even on a fullscreen DVD being upscaled, the visuals are immensely clean and crisp. The beginning has a weird haze over film, but about 20 minutes in and the true essence comes out. Another fascinating thing is how a story occurs with absolutely no dialog. There's a proverb (or quote, not sure) at the beginning, but then not a single word is uttered for an hour. Daft Punk's Discovery is played over the entire film and it works just great. Not everything may be clear in the film, but you should be able to figure out enough to come out feeling happy. The music is presented very well in the film, too. Discovery is a great album and having that as the main attraction seems like almost too good of an idea. Still, the only real reason to watch this movie is if you want a visual compliment to Daft Punk.
Wow! An experimental travel through a french house music album. That's a kind of movie I've never seen before. The story is really cool and shows how the music business can really be. Casting some people, giving them instruments and a microphone, and spend the money they earn on yourself, or, on the world domination. Great!
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