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I love it when a movie pulls one over on me. I thought I had this one figured out about 20 minutes into it. And I was right... right up until they pulled a fast one on me, and I loved every second of it!

Good solid Sci-Fi.
this is a hard one for me. philip k. dick is my favorite author, with kurt vonnegut coming in a very close second. "impostor" is my all-time favorite short story. i remember when i read it for the first time - i thought my pants were going to fly off, i was so EXHILARATED. when i read it, i knew that philip k. dick was an absolute genius.

i love pretty much everything the man wrote, which is why it is hard for me when his stories/novels are made into movies. it's so easy to steal his incredible ideas and make them into cheesy thrillers. and THIS is why it's hard for me to rate movies made from his stories - i don't know whether i'm rating the movie or the story behind it.

let's see what the "official" reviewers have to say about impostor:

Impostor can't think of a thing to do with these characters except have them run through dark tunnels, fight off various anonymous attackers, and evade elaborate surveillance technologies.
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i'm going to have to agree. "impostor" was a story that was but a few pages long - it was very tight, and action moved quickly. something that takes about 15 minutes to read really should not be stretched out into a feature-length film. all it does it make it lame and boring. especially since we're working with the most random actors, poorly created sets, EXTREME overuse of the fog machine, and silly, unnecessary chase scenes.

i know a lot of dick fans weren't thrilled with minority report, but it was fairly faithful to the storyline and DID make it an entertaining watch. i felt like i was in dick's "universe" while i watched it. impostor only succeeded in making me feel like i wandered onto the abandoned set of planet of the apes. the special effects were extremely inconsistent, too. the body scanner and the communicators, for example, were pretty convincing. but then the computer image of olham? 1995 has rendered better-looking models! hello? and the AWFUL, CORNY explosion, complete with skeleton faces? i fell over with an attack of the lame.

in conclusion, if you have nothing better to watch, then you might as well watch this movie. that's why i did. but if you're a serious fan of philip k. dick, you might want to save yourself the aggravation.

Impostor (2002)

I remember wanting to see this when it came out but over the years it has basically been forgotten. I think this is quite possibly one of the most underrated movies I've seen in a long time and it definitely will rank among my all-time favorite sci-fi movies. It's like a mix between Blade Runner and The Fugitive, and ends with a few great twists.
I expected at any moment to hear the Outer Limits narrator cut in.

Solid premise, fairly good special effects, and atrocious delivery. Gary Sinese and Vincent D'Onofrio, what could go wrong? Well, unfortunately our stars are running at full speed into a ham sandwich. I blame the writers for taking a good idea and heaping on cliche after to cliche to create a side-show attraction of a script. This is a must see if you've run out of Outer Limits and Twilight Zone episodes to watch. However, if you are looking for a good movie, or just a solid sci-flick, then you are out of luck.
I wouldn't think it would be that hard to make a adaptation of a Philip Dick book, but this one really fails. It seems like the writers have limited talented in expanding Dick's short story to a full length film.
Nice twist at the end but the movie was about an hour and thirty minutes of filler and ten minutes of substance.
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