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Idle Hands 1999

Lazy Anton's right hand becomes possessed with murderous intent...

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Idle Hands has to be one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It is definitely not conventional but that is what makes it so wonderful. I was watching with my friends the other night and I don't know if they were quite as impressed with the film as I was. The movie is definitely not for the faint of heart, there are some pretty interesting scenes, but the dialogue and the concepts are really quite good. I still think that Seth Green's "Catch you on the flip flop" is one of the best lines ever. So random, doesn't make any sense, and yet it works perfects and coincides with what is happening in the rest of the film.
Its funny and gory with good make up and also stars the sexy Jessica Alba. Its good fun.
One person made this movie and it was Seth Green. I absolutely love him! He was worth watching the movie. The movie itself was okay. Not the best horror comedy ever. I'm not a huge fan of Devon's acting but he was alright. I also thought Vivica was horrible in this flick. I own this movie but it's all because of Seth
:rotten: u got to be kidding me...u call this piece of crap film?.....:o

Now here is a guilty pleasure. If you want to laugh this Halloween, give this movie a try. It's completely stupid, but still something about it was hilarious to me. The jokes aren't really that clever and the storyline is actually very pointless, but the humor is dumb enough at times to make it worth a watch. None of the performances are very good, but we do get to see Jessica Alba in a role I'm sure she's proud of now. :p Well, everyone has to start somewhere. Anyway, see it for a laugh, but don't expect more.
Not the best movie ever but it does not suck.
Silly, in bad taste. It is meant to be a parody of horror films, but really isn't that funny, only occasionally amusing. The cast is good though, they had a defineite appeal. The film misses the mark.
Fun horror movie with a less than average plot, and kind of funny too. It was a nice bit of nostalgia for me, seeing as I hadn't seen it since 1999, and it was a good refresher to see it again. Jessica Alba was probably her best looking in this one.
I can do this no I`ll let Johnny Cash do it...Johnny?

*Guitar strum

Here it the tune of "A boy named Sue"

Well I saw this movie `bout a week ago
I`d been drinkin` and thought, "I dunno"
It said it was funny and had some good reviews
A friend told me it was quite a hit
I didn`t doubt him one little bit
I just figured, "What have I got to lose?"

I popped it into my DVD
The credits rolled by and as I could see
The cast was filled with boring stoner kids
I let it slide since it had just begun
I wouldn`t shut it off `till it was done
Even if I had to tape both my eyelids

Halfway through I needed a drink
My hopes of fun began to sink
The story was dumb and the cast was just as bad
People in love with themselves
to continue to watch just hurt like hell
I closed my eyes and thought, "Jesus...i`ve been had..."

I knew that snake had pulled my leg
the movie stunk like bad eggs
I went to the closet and i`d pulled out my forty five
I cocked the hammer and pointed it
Aimed my gun at the TV set and said;
You little prick!
It Was A Trick!

Shrapnel rained for miles around
I destroyed that TV, I shot it down
pulled out the disk and threw it to the floor
Aimed my gun down to the ground
Fired it off and turned around and said
"you won`t be hurting anyone any more..."

"You were only meant to entertain
instead you caused unbearable pain
your acting blew and the story made little sense
I`d rather turn my gun to my toes
shoot them off and then to my nose
and blow my brains out than watch that film again..."

I walked outside and breathed a sigh of relief
It was over now, what had caused me grief
I`d come away with a better point of view
I thought about my lying friend
I trusted him to no end

And when I see that prick again...I think i`m gonna tell him...

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