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Idle Hands 1999

Lazy Anton's right hand becomes possessed with murderous intent...

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Solar rating:8.1


Imdb rating:6.2



I just saw this movie by chance on HBO in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. I'd seen it before but forgot how much I liked it. Cheesy, dumb jokes, and a very Jessica Alba. This movie hits all the right notes on a horror film satire. I think it is great
"The dialog may lack wit, but it still is undeniably campy entertainment."

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Jessica Alba has never looked hotter and she's THE ONLY reason to bother watching this, how many films can you say that about? - CLICK HERE to read my review.
a wicked teen comedy with sorta funny Raimi-esque gags... as if made by actual idle hands
Good movie in my opinion. Not the best but it definitely kept me entertained and it's got its funny moments. Plus it's got Jessica Alba in it. What more could you ask for.
I honestly enjoyed Anton as a character. Sawa was good at playing the perfect lazy, useless, pot addicted teen.
I liked this movie because it had some genuinely funny parts. I watched this movie and honestly was impressed. Judging by the ratings, people thoroughly disagree with me but I really did have fun with this one.
Devon Sawa is not a good enough actor to be getting his own lead part, and he pretty much proves it throughout the movie. Put Seth Green in the same role, though, instead of as a wise-cracking sidekick, and you might have something.

There are some pretty funny parts throughout Idle Hands, but the movie fails for me based on the fact that I have no connections to any of the characters (which admittedly is a product of my own personality through high school). So I can't like the movie based on its pot-head ideals, nor based on any other high school character types portrayed here. The movie has some good gory fun, and harks back to a few successful Evil Dead 2 scenes (though you could say Idle Hands is just a really long play on the short evil-hand scene in that same movie. Bruce Campbell made that part, though. Sawa can't really carry it). You can tell, though, that Idle Hands isn't taking itself seriously in the least, so as a comedy-horror movie, it's really not half bad.
This was extrememly funny and the performances given by Green, Henson, Sawa, and Alba were all extremely enjoyable and, in my opinion, award-worthy
poorly acted film lets this film slip past unnoticed. the film is quite funny and original but sadly it lacks a well constructed plot and dialogue. the horror parts are well staged and a great homage to the horror films of the eighties. over the top and honestly a little boring towards the end
watch it plastered.
Bad movie all around...
Actually, you may not think it, but it's very much fun to watch.
It really is!
It had some great, unexpected, untypical moments. Jessica Alba, who has nothing else to do than run around half naked, is HOT like always.
The overall acting is good and the story is entertaining.
If you invite some mates, buy some beer and watch this movie, you're gonna have a very good time!
Funny slasher/devil possession flick. Devon Sawa's acting is poor, making the movie even funnier. Eldon Henson and Seth Green shine as the zombie stoner mates. Good for a laugh.
As a film it isnt too bad some of the comedy is done very well but it extremely cliched and is as stupid as they come the performances are actually pretty good in context of the film. This is a film by stoners for stoners about stoners and you will enjoy it if you a stoner but otherwise youll find it stupid and trash. The violence is done in a comical way reflecting the genre of B horror. Overall as a film its a 4/10 but as a so bad its good film i give it an 8/10
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